yay html!    2004-10-13 06:23:29 ET
messin with colors and cursors is fun! :-D

ooooo... colors!

my tenticals! where are my tenticals!?

hehe.. watching too much invader zim

 Administrative Services - Office Attire    2004-10-12 05:28:32 ET
This is Straight out of the textbook, no words have been changed.

A skirted suit in a dark blue, beige, or gray, with a contrasting blouse, is the most appropriate office attire for women. If you choose to wear a dress, it should not be floral print, nor should it indicate “fun”. Rather, it should also be a dark color, indicating that you are in the office to do business. Knit polyester pantsuits are not acceptable anymore.
Wear plain colored midheeled or low-heeled pumps with neutral colored stockings. Avoid flashy jewelry. Wear simple earrings, a simple watch and one or two rings that are not large.
Never wear a whole row of earrings in a group of holes. Nose, lip, and eyebrow rings are also frowned upon by established, successful employees, as well as by most bosses.

Shades of blue, beige, and gray in different weaves are the colors of choice for men’s suits, and sport coats. These can be combined with contrasting dress shirts in white, blue, and yellow and occasionally other solid colors, the paler the better.
Ties are the most important status symbol of your attire. Whether or not you wear a tie directly affects how you are perceived in terms of social status. In on experiment, men who wore ties to dinner house were allowed to pay by check when thy explained to management that they had left their cash or credit cards at home. Men not wearing ties were refused the same courtesy.
In another experiment, men not wearing ties were assigned the worst house seating, while men with ties were given the most desirable tables. Also men who didn’t were ties were less likely to get a job.
You should only wear dark shoes and socks. Most leather belts are alright but be careful that the buckle is small; it shouldn’t be a large metal decoration. Wear a thin simple watch – no sports watches – and no other jewelry with the exception of a plain wedding band. Many, perhaps most, established office workers do not approve of young men who wear earrings. Why begin with a one strike against you? Only older men tend to wear a handkerchief in the breast pocket and then only with a conservative suit. Do not wear matching handkerchief-and-tie sets.

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