DIE!    2004-09-16 05:35:32 ET
This is what a kid said to me today:

Life is like a box of chocolates.. you never know what you're gonna get.

Except for you..

Life is like a box of live grenades

hahaha.. i like it. it was coz i drew a picture of me stabbing him and it said "die die"

i thought that was quite amusing..

 College    2004-09-15 06:08:27 ET

Cheap Have to live on campus
for first year
offers right class 1.5 hrs away from Duluth
not very picky
with requirements
James works in Duluth!

I found the college i want.. but...

im in a bit of a hard situation here.. i have to think of some way for this to work.. i NEED to go to college and i want to go to this particular one.. how do i deal with the fact that its an hour and a half away from here??? i dont want to make james move all the way out there with me because he works in Duluth and i dont have any intentions of making him quit his job!

i dont know why theres a big huge empty space on this entry i cant make it go away..

Music... click click..
mood.... confused and really wanting a laptop.

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