::Coupons::    2004-09-23 05:40:02 ET
im giving everyone at school coupons from my work "10% off any costume" and all the sudden everyone is excited about talking to me, just coz they want a coupon, i like the way life works like that, when youre giving stuff away, your the life of the party.

so i was thinking of going to University of Georgia instead of West Georgia, but i dont think id get in coz you have to have good grades and my grades really sucked a few years ago. but i saw that they off a teaching degree in Family and Consumer Science, as well as Health and Physical Education. i wanna teach the braindead classes..

mood: tired and hungry
music: some 311 a kid is playing near me.

 kittens    2004-09-21 05:45:04 ET
as soon as i got home last night my dad began an arguemtn about how i never spend time with my cats, so they bother him, i apologized and im like well, i go to school and work everyday, im lucky to get 6 hrs of sleep a night, or even a meal.. i dont have time to spend alot of time with the cats. his response is that well, if i dont have time for them, then we shouldnt have cats, he spent all night threatening to get rid of my cats one at a time, saying that they are too needy and that raine has too much fur and gets fur everywhere and that they're flea control costs too much. all i could say to him was "well dont worry me and the cats will be out of here by july" of corse as soon as i said that my dad gets all defensive with "oh well uh uh uh... um.." he just says that he didnt want 3 cats so he has the authority to get rid of them if he wants. then he tried to be just plain stupid and say that hes gonna put the litter box in my bedroom next to my bed and make the cats stay in my tiny room that way they dont bother him when hes trying to relax. so according to him i should get dysentary by having cat poop near my face while i sleep.

i think things are going TOO great and he just wants to fuck things up.

then he starts the regular complaint of, "when you and james got home you made too much noise in the kitchen, i wanted you guys to just get out of the house." then he says i spend too much time with james and tht since i go to school and work everyday i should spend my time off with the cats and not with james. i dont know what his problem is.

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