Money Money Money!    2004-09-29 05:43:41 ET
For Me and James to visit Vancouver, BC to see if we really wanna live there, here's the estimated Costs:

Airline Tickets -2 $1400

Holiday Inn - 7 Nights $608

Car Rental - per Week $175

Total Cost $2183

this does not include food and any entertainment...

hmm.. on another subject, ive been sick for 2 days, puking and all.. multiple times.. im back at school today and i really wanna go back home. im tired and dizzy... and hungry.

 New college    2004-09-24 05:49:09 ET

The University of British Columbia
Room 1200
1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T1Z1

In-State Tuition: $2,295

Early Childhood Education and Teaching
Health and Physical Education, General

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