tests    2004-08-27 07:16:25 ET
I am not a child of the 60ís but my heart is true to the cause, man. I realize that being a hippie is not just bell bottoms and tie-dye. It is also about the drugs and smelling bad, too!

I AM 64% EMO!
Well.. I've made the cut! Now I'll go buy some promise rings and knit myself a sweater.

Subject: The FUZZY PENISES in the BATHROOM and Other Business.
From: Mr. PINK, ASS Supervisor
To: All Employees of CRUNCHY HIPPO Inc.
It has come to my CHEWY attention that the BATHROOM has been SLOWLY LICKED CLEAN with FUZZY PENISES. I am tired of dealing with STICKY employees and their FUZZY PENISES. The BATHROOM is meant for FUCKING. It is not a BOOB room.
On a more BUMPY note, I would like to LICK all of you for the GOEY work you all did on the BLACK BOWL account. You should all be QUICKLY PUNCHED.
Also, be sure to welcome FAITH, the newest member of the LOLIPOP department. They will be a SLIPPERY DIRT to our family.

Mr. PINK, ASS Supervisor.

 NEW JOB!    2004-08-27 05:47:21 ET
temporary, only about 4 months but still 8000 times better than publix. im working at SpiritHalloween. i walked in last night, James had told me that he saw a spirit opening around here. i worked at one back in 2001. so i walked in told the lady that i was looking for a job and i had worked at another spirit a few years ago and immediatly had me fill out an app and once i got home, she called and said she wants me to start this weekend. i'll have to quit publix without a 2 week notice, but they deserve it. i hate publix. theyre so mean.. anything will be better, even if this spirit isnt as leniant as the one i worked at before, if they are more leniant than publix im going to be amazed. plus my uniform is wearing a costume everyday, instead of that ugly uniform publix gave me. ::i love the fall:: ::i love halloween:: everything is going great.

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