immunizations    2005-12-01 11:26:14 ET
i had to get some immunizations today, for school.

well, apparently ive never had the chickenpox, or even a chickenpox immunization.. so i go to the doctor and i already have a cold so i look like death today (well, thats what my dad said). i didnt freak out as much as i had expected about the needles.. it went fine.. but as i was leaving i felt lightheaded and very very sick. by the time i made it to my car i was sure i was gonna puke.. so i got in the car.. kept the door open (in case i did puke) and sat there. everything got blurry and white and i couldnt hear anything but ringing then i blacked out for like 10 or 15 minutes. i woke up and i was shaking like weird-like, and i couldnt see anything for a few seconds, i had no idea where i was or what happend.. i just sat there a bit then i drove home and passed out.


worst reaction from a couple of shots ever.

and then i get home and get this bad news from james : Abnormal X-Rays

 PICTURES!!    2005-11-26 16:23:15 ET
im home, it was an okay trip, drove him thursday night for certain reasons and i almost fell asleep behind the wheel.

but it was worth it to bring you these lovely pictures of my sister April, her little boy Jacob and the wonder little Summer Marie

April & Summer, the baby never opens her eyes.. but shes still beautiful!


April, Summer, Jacob (riding april's leg), and Keith

look at that smile! he's so jolly. jacob at 15 months old and Summer at 8 days old

She is so tiny she cant even fit newborn clothes

i had fun seeing my sister again.. every year that goes by i get more comfortable around her and feel more like she is a sister rather than just a relative. its great.

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