oOOooOOoo!!!    2005-11-01 19:46:16 ET
i went to a haunted house on halloween. this guy spends hundreds of dollars at our store, so i thought id go see some of our stuff in action!

well, we were late. ya it sucked. like we got there at about 9:30-10 coz we had to work late and the haunted house was already over, but he invited us in his house and walked us through his whole set up. our props and everything looked amazing, i guess all these years of seeing these things everyday made me forget how amazing they can look when someone really sets them up. i didnt get any pictures, unfortunately, but my buddy dave took a picture and emailed it to me.

the one dressed up as "Saw" is the guy running the whole thing and the leatherface is his brother i think.

also i bought a lot of stuff today that i plan to use in some cool pictures.. i dont know, stuff that just gave me ideas.. kinda mad coz the guy who bagged my stuff forgot to bag my fishnet shirt.

 put em all in black, the color we're all dressed in    2005-10-27 07:52:50 ET
i feel like ive gotten a burst of creativity. more like the creativity fairy kicked me in the butt.. except i dont have time to take advantage of it.


last pay period i got 80 hours, and 6 hours of overtime.

halloween weekend (this weekend) will stab me in the face. must take advantage of our after halloween sale where i will get 70% off the bottles of blood..

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