what to do    2005-10-23 12:20:53 ET
i dont know what to do.

this girl i know wont stop trying to get me to go to church with her and be all religious. she says "god has plans for you" and that i must start following god now.

i dont want to.

im happy where i am. i like listening to music that talks about death, i like watching family guy!

i want to tell her, thank you but i already have a religion, but i thought that would offend her. although 2 people have said that it doesnt matter coz she has already offended me by saying that i need to join her religion when i dont want to.

 a rock and a hard place    2005-10-21 03:56:31 ET
me and james are gonna be gettin married in less than 2 months. i dont know how to tell my family in florida (my mom, grama, aunt.. etc) they are gonna flip. oh well, as long as my dad is okay with it (he is) then its all good.

i thought maybe i would just send them a post card that said "i changed my name".. too vague?

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