work.    2005-10-12 02:21:49 ET
my boss better apreciate that if i wasnt here, the store would prolly close.

i had to take the manager to the emergency room coz she had an allergic reaction to some medication. therefor, i had to work 11 hours that day to cover mine and her shift.

and friday i work extra hours to cover her shift.

im not complaining, im just saying, i hope he appreciates it.

this job ends soon, 3 weeks. i went to Spencer Gifts and im pretty sure i already got the job and i havent even filled out an app yet, but ya. yay for continued employment!

 Spirit Hair    2005-10-06 13:10:37 ET
we had fun testing out the hair color at work today..

and my manager tested some "dead guy grey" make-up on me.. it was funny coz it was the same color as my skin.. you couldnt even tell i had it on.. haha.
she said "man faith! get some sun!!"


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