meditation relaxes you.. too much    2006-04-28 17:18:10 ET
well, i felt so great after the doctor today i decided to workout. so im in the workout room in my house and i decided im gonna relax and do some.. meditation relaxation junk.. so i laid down on the floor....


then i woke up 30 minutes later, freaked out coz i didnt know why i was on the floor and then took a nap.


 Yay!!    2006-04-28 07:43:11 ET
it wasnt a heart attack! it was just coz McDonald's makes horribly unheathly food!

the doctor told me, the combination of mcdonalds food and caffeine (which i havent had in like 4 months) basically freaked my body out so much it felt like i was having a heart attack.

she told me to just avoid those kind of foods.

im so relieved. altho my dad is upset that it cost him 235$ just to have a doctor tell me not to eat fast food..

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