2005-04-23 02:26:48 ET
The only reason why I woke up so early is because today's officially the first day into this full time job. I am in this "shift" until next Saturday, at least, 7 days of courses and workouts. I'm glad that the effects of [THIS THING] has worn down dramatically since I slept. I wish I can shoo it away like some stray dog, but I think I fed this dog a good piece of treat.

I am glad I tried [THIS THING] nonetheless. Since I've been with [in_motive] I've changed a lot of perspectives on things in little pieces. I'm glad that happened. I am drinking [in_motive]'s juice now, to put [THIS THING] at ease.

I love Chris, there's no doubt about it. Despite at times it seems like an independent cold shoulder shrug trick can come abruptly to suggest the end of "the trip", he never failed to again and again prove to me how special he is. It haven't been long, but he has been there through thick and thin with me during this short period of time.Maybe I am willing to do almost everything for this relationship now.

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