2005-04-19 14:14:04 ET
Yes, that's it, the last one died of old age (+/- issues affected by old age), now let's choose a 78 year old guy from England to be a pope!

Christians, your pope is SOOO old, it's time to put away your RRSPs again in case you have to donate to another casket in 3 years!

Your pope is SOOO old, the assasinators just need to trip his staff onto the ground or change the official testament to font size 12 to kill him!


Today I got to meet the almighty Oryx. I can't wait til mid May when we get this idea out in public. ;) Oh so excited...how long will it be before they let my set up?

Today I also got photos back from Kim Taylor. I am going to play with them now.

Today I also got photos back from Alice regarding the ROM trip. I am going to play with them too.

Today I also talked to Emily about doing a fashion shoot for her new clothing line. That I am excited about.

Today, except for all these discussions, has been a physically lame day.

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