2005-03-31 18:33:15 ET
I checked e-mail tonight, thinking the spambot finally found my hotmail account after those years.

Turns out my set went live on SG (that's why)...yay, more people telling me I have nice tits.
As imagined, the competition was lost 282-408 comments. Cos my set is just THAT lame, seriously. I can't expect more. I mean, people raving about "amazing photography! The photographer has a keen eye on you!" are BS'in. I cropped/cleaned them, then Missy further messed with the photos. Hopefully the 2nd set'd be accepted. Well that wasn't such a long wait (1 1/2 months, standard?), just agonizingly impatient. Now to be impatient about the 2nd set.

I got a notice today, I think my photos from Mauricio arrived! :O UBER EXCITED.

I broke down at work today because Tom said some really stupid joke, triggering something hard. Today I made 1/2 sale. So stupid. BUT I got a call from this art school today. She phoned me back after I sent her a coverletter in December. Hopefully the 2nd review goes well and I get to show her my portfolio. Hopefully I get that job.

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