Happy Day:    2005-03-30 11:17:04 ET
#1) Seeing my portfolio, the 3 Michaels from Central Tech put me in 2nd year for next year's courses. Despite the forewarned issues regarding "lack of industries' reputation", I am now overexcited about the things I get to learn and the people I get to meet.

#2) Seeing my portfolio, I got accepted to work full time in summer for Ontario Place. They don't pay well but it's steady income and it sounds fun (funner than whatever else people do to get paid). Rox recommended me to do bartending or just bar waitressing with pubs on College in the most bizarre way. "Yeah you're Asian! Sleezy guys LOVE Asian women, especially since you have nice tits!"

#3) I got my artist statements approved. School year's almost at an end and I'm less hateful since morning.

#4) I get to see Grandma tonight & sort things out. As soon as I get her settled in her house, free time is MINE.

#5) Photoshoot with Kim & a bunch of other models on Saturday (for fun) & George is driving me. As well, I am really hoping that Nicole can come, I haven't seen her for MONTHS. I owe George god-knows-howmany dinners.

#6) My dad wants a website done for his company. It'll definately be a challenge. The option is his company can give me $200 for it, so that's awesome. I don't care if he does well in his business or not, but it's going to be fun making a Chinese version of a Lavalife website. I have the posibility of saying "I don't want $200, buy me and grandma a nice vacuum finally!"

#7) Watched "Ring 2" with in motive yesterday night. I can't rate horror movies, I'm scared either way. I always have trouble telling between titles of "The Grudge" and "The Ring". I'd say from my understanding, on the safe side, at least 30% (possibly 75%) of Asian horror/ghost movies revolve around ghosts with long hair and white PJs floating and crawling around holding a grudge against a concept in the "real" world. They exorcize their eternal pain by floating around haunting everyone based on the concept of which they died from. So, I mean, they may as well just number all their local movies. Like, the Grudge (jap version) should be called "Tokyo Production #620984". Then your friends can decipher if he/she watched the movie by recognizing location and case number, instead of giving every crazy lady a semi-unique title. It's like street names in NYC.

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