DAMN my living condition.    2005-03-25 15:46:38 ET
For the past few months, I treated my grandma's house as mine. I never considered emptying her room proactively, struts around the house naked, invites people over/sleepover whenever, hooked the TV up for no other purpose but for video games, played music loud, planted stuff all around lamps, etc...

Then my dad phoned me yesterday to tell me that she's coming back from Hong Kong in 3 days. During my busiest week of the past several months (exam week: I didn't write essays yet).

So now I'm throwing away stuff like MAD.
Unfortunately, I have no black lightly-boned corset top or velvet mini-skirts to put up on E-Bay nor gothauctions.com, no products from Lip Services, no fishnet shirts or Hallowe'en go-go dancer outfits to give away.
Anyone who wants my old panties can pay $5 for S/H.

Note to self: BUY NEW ALARM CLOCK!

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