Things I talk about to Cyphax:    2005-02-21 17:07:44 ET
He sent me this hilarious link:

* * * * *

Meanwhile, I babbled:

I think most of Toronto's Queen West crowd/scene has issues. Their main source of news is Now Magazine's review of "2005's Best Chop Suey" or "which sex toy is more functionable?". I can't give a damn about the social standards. But what I consider as "issues" is that these people self-induce issues upon themselves.

Such as, "My hobby is getting myself into orgies, but the way to do it is to drug yourself silly so you forget your morals until morning, but not completely disregarding emotional issues that comes with it and my friends!"

Or, "My indie band is my full time job!"

Or, "I just pierced my dick! But I can't afford rubbing alcohol so it's pussing up and my girlfriend doesn't want to go down on me anymore! That bitch! So I kicked her out of my carton box. I just got a digicam so here are pics of her makign out with the guy who lives next to my carton box in Nathan Phillip Square!"

Or, "Hi~ I'm a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of yours. Can I add you to my LJ and call you my best friend?"

Sorry, I get really out of hand with this. Maybe he's not telling me he's secretly offended by it.

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