looks like a job for me
2003-11-10 08:20:45 ET

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after a LONG week of hectic work, i had an opportunity to relax for once. friday night, i head out to qxt's...stopping by prusiks to pregame. it wasnt much of a pregame, actually. not much to report, q's is q's. got home and passed out in all of my clothes...i was so tired. wake up in the afternoon sometime on saturday. feeling lazy and unproductive. the recording session to track 'wake of destruction' fell through. too bad, really. i was looking forward to banging the song out. head out to batcave in time to catch the entire e-craft set. they were as energetic as always...decent show. better than when they were here last year. got my dance on...it was packed then mysteriously around 3...everyone left. sunday was spent recuperating from the partying...caught matrix revolutions. the eye candy was visually stunning...but the plot left me scratching my head. i must have missed a big plot point at some time or another. back to work. this coming into the office 3 times a week is really cramping my style. as if i need to spend 5 hours a day commuting. supposedly, jarv has a hot new track for me to write lyrics to. jarv, if you read this...give me a call!

2003-11-10 14:50:14 ET

matrix: rev wasn't too great. *sigh*

2003-11-10 20:09:08 ET

ah yeah...my friend snarf (david) was touring with them...e-craft...

2003-11-11 04:26:28 ET

TE: it was ok...not the great film i was expecting though

furax: yea, i think i talked to him for a little bit

2003-11-11 05:04:49 ET

yeah. In my head, before watching it, it was a better movie.

2003-11-11 10:56:19 ET

Do you spend that much time commuting because traffic is so bad, or do you not live in the city?
Matrix: Revolutions; total whimper of an end to the series, but I didn't care for the second of the series eitehr, so I was not surprised. I am, however, sad that a bad-ass movie on it's own is now sort of sullied in my mind because of two mediocre sequals.

2003-11-11 11:46:43 ET

TE: totally!

DP: i live in the city...my job is in bumblefuck upstate ny. as for the matrix, i still enjoy the original...the sequels dont really ruin it for me. i was disappointed, but i didnt HATE either sequel.

2003-11-14 15:23:38 ET

the matrix revolutions surely wasnt as good as the first two. the excitment wasnt there.

2003-11-14 16:09:35 ET

Oh, I didn't hate them either; I just thought they were pale in comparison to the original.

2003-11-14 17:19:45 ET

TT: yes, i have to agree

DP: pale...PALE!

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