busy busy
2004-06-04 11:27:04 ET

hello all. er...i mean bio. since you are the only one who still reads this crap journal i am keeping here. i find i don't have much time to update much. plus i have been falling behind in keeping track of all of my friends on here. i'm sorry! i wish i could just do without sleep. its the only way for me to do everything i want to. anyway, not much to report at all. i must make the mini-cooper my number one priority. i need a car!

2004-06-04 11:27:24 ET

i read it!

2004-06-04 11:31:52 ET

pshaw. i still read it! you just update at all the wrong times for me it would seem ;-D
i miss ya man! hows stuff going?

2004-06-04 11:32:14 ET

hey man, i read it too! :)

2004-06-04 11:41:40 ET

Geez you don't think any of us love you.

2004-06-04 11:49:00 ET

Dude. I can't wait 'til you get your car. ROAD TRIPS AHOY!!!

Quit your job and let me borrow the Equilibrium DVD. 8]

2004-06-04 11:49:51 ET

mini coopers are beautiful

2004-06-04 14:12:57 ET

Even I still read you.

2004-06-05 00:14:54 ET

I also read it :P

2004-06-05 02:51:58 ET

I need one of those too!! Now if only I could fit inside it without bumping my head on the ceiling....although....you're pretty tall too. Any interior head-bumping issues?

2004-06-05 04:44:20 ET

thanks for all the love guys!!!!!!!

2004-06-05 14:23:08 ET

anytime hot papa! ^_~

2004-06-06 03:44:32 ET

I'm a silent stalker.

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