hey everyone
2004-07-13 07:57:18 ET

i'm not dead. i have merely been busy. how is everyone doing?

2004-07-13 08:08:18 ET

glad to hear you're alive. I'm good. you?

2004-07-13 09:31:26 ET

its good to see your alright.
I am doing alright, life is hectic but good.
what have you been up to?


2004-07-13 10:38:38 ET

I am exceptionally well and in love. How are you and what the heck have you been up to??? Post it, baby!!!

2004-07-13 17:54:44 ET

youz always busy ya crazy c00t

i miss ya!

and well ive been alright...bored, but alright

2004-07-13 19:41:05 ET

SAME. ugh. But it's good busy so I really am not allowed to complain.

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