trapped in ice
2002-11-20 08:15:48 ET

smoked up with my boss last night. thats bizaare in itself. but it was good. of course i ate everything in the house. what a little piggy i have become. slept really really well. one of those mornings where you literally spring out of bed. and i've been given a break from hydra. but the storm clouds are gathering...

i am excited about the two towers. wow, the year just flew by. it didnt seem so long ago that i saw the fellowship of the ring.

2002-11-20 08:50:57 ET

i looooooooove those morning' seems like forever since i've had one of those. heh.

and, yeah!!! the year went by so quickly. craziness.

2002-11-20 09:04:32 ET

im not a morning person at all. in fact, one of the worst things i can think of is to get up early. but this morning, i didn't mind getting up. which is rare!

2002-11-20 09:45:31 ET

I got stoned before watching the lords of the rings. Fun times.

2002-11-20 09:47:49 ET

heh, i have only seen the fellowship once. i'll probably have to watch it again to bone up before the two towers. eww...that sounded dirty. i don't know what it is about that makes everything anyone says into a sexual innuendo.

2002-11-20 11:08:50 ET

i cant wait for the two towers either...and i must get that 4-dvd set of the fellowship of the ring with the 30 minutes of cut out stuff or whatever....need money.

2002-11-20 11:20:58 ET

yea, that looks like it is worth owning. i need money too...and the fucking holidays are coming. shit

2002-11-20 11:48:33 ET

/me nods

money is evil.

2002-11-20 11:57:25 ET

i need a rich sugar mommy to buy me all the cool shit

anyone wanna volunteer?

2002-11-20 12:05:07 ET

hmm...yes...i need one of those too...

2002-11-20 12:35:49 ET

last time i got stoned was when i saw the first lord of the rings in the theater lol :x has it really been a year? wow

2002-11-20 13:14:07 ET

/me does his best bob dylan impersonation

eeavrybawdy muhst geat stowned!

...except me

2002-11-20 13:39:13 ET

last night was awesome. i cant imagine understanding any movie while stoned though.

2002-11-20 13:48:24 ET

ohh i didnt understand it for shit in the theater... when i rented it on dvd months later it was like seeing it for the first time

2002-11-20 15:29:58 ET

i haven't been to the moives in a few years :-\

2002-11-20 16:38:25 ET

dude, someone smoke me out! pleeeeeaase!

2002-11-20 17:41:41 ET

man the last movie i actually saw in the theater was...windtalkers? holy shit...i mustve seen something since but i cant think of what it could be.

2002-11-20 17:42:56 ET

last thing i saw was Swordfish :-\

2002-11-20 17:46:44 ET

that movie was actually pretty good. i was surprised...

2002-11-21 06:36:50 ET

Hehehe... I've already seen most of Two Towers ::cracks knuckles:: Yeah, Yeah... that's what you get for working in the film industry. Looks cool... :)
Saw Secretary on Tuesday. SOOOOOOO HOTTTTTT.

2002-11-21 06:45:36 ET

you always make me smile, storm. teehee
i wanna see both! so we meetin at your place saturday?

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