2002-11-24 17:18:56 ET

as many peeps have already reported, the life [c]ried show was kick ass. the place was packed for them. i saw many peeps i havent seen in awhile. did some dancing, had some drinks, chatted, enjoyed the LC set. left around 1:30...thats when jarv was leaving and i wanted to catch a ride back to the PATH. rode back with storm. then hit batcave. drank more and generally had a good time. i woke up mad early...probably cause of all the red bull in my system.

oh got drunk friday as well. saw some sk.netters at funhouse. had good times.

2002-11-24 17:33:01 ET

T'was a long, drunken weekend for Gus-gus.
Thanks for riding the train with me ::hugs::

2002-11-24 17:34:22 ET

gus is a party animal! ;-P

2002-11-24 17:47:13 ET

fun stuff...i gotta get out of montana...

2002-11-24 17:50:42 ET

storm: you made the PATH a bearable experience. thats no small feat.

furax: you shoulda been there. it was a hot time

2002-11-24 17:52:28 ET

yeah...well maybe if i had known you guys would be leaving early... :-\

2002-11-24 18:02:10 ET

turbo: montana? yikes!

furax: you mean from ny or from jersey?

2002-11-24 18:12:54 ET

leaving from jersey early...then i could have made it home in time for work and everything :-\

2002-11-24 18:13:58 ET

yea dude...i know that i was only interested in seeing LC and thats it. so i had planned to leave early from the beginning

2002-11-24 18:16:28 ET

bleh...i didn't have any money anyway :-\

2002-11-24 18:31:37 ET

There's more where that came from though...

2002-11-24 18:45:05 ET

yes, there will be more opportunities

2002-11-24 18:54:12 ET

missed you too...next time...

2002-11-24 19:19:10 ET

yeah it sux here but im stuck here till i can afford to move...blech

2002-11-24 19:21:40 ET

all in good time turbo

2002-11-24 19:24:16 ET

yes yes...

2002-11-25 10:53:30 ET

I heard you got shot Saturday night, Furax.

2002-11-25 11:20:00 ET


2002-11-25 11:53:58 ET

[inside jokes are rude, little BIO]

2002-11-25 12:03:42 ET

Even when it involves giving out my nog in public?

2002-11-25 12:42:18 ET

nobody wants your nog

2002-11-25 12:45:18 ET


2002-11-25 14:41:58 ET

what kind of nog? lol

2002-11-25 18:01:58 ET

MAN Nog, Chris. MAN NOG.....::shakes head sagely::

2002-11-25 19:38:48 ET

nooo!!!! lol keep your man nog away from me bio!

2002-11-25 19:39:30 ET


2002-11-25 19:40:16 ET


2002-11-25 20:05:39 ET

bio tried to trick me into taking a sip of his man nog, but i tactfully declined. hell no, i said

2002-11-25 20:07:34 ET

hahaha, hell no baby i said... hell no! that nog looks mighty tasty baby... but i dont want none!

2002-11-25 20:10:39 ET

well, after he described his nog in detail, i was really not interested...

sorry bio...lol

2002-11-25 20:14:05 ET

his nog was not fresh.
Y'all can have some of my nog... it's SOOO FRESH!!!

2002-11-25 20:15:28 ET

-lines up-

me first!

2002-11-25 20:23:17 ET

ohh no, not sloppy seconds again... i already got bio's sloppy seconds!

2002-11-25 20:25:02 ET

No no... you can all share.
Chris... I wouldn't be admitting that if I were you...

2002-11-25 20:26:22 ET

lol...you guys are so crazy

2002-11-25 20:27:59 ET

hahahaa, man... i hope i dont miss much while im in florida! ...save some nog shananaghans for me!

2002-11-25 20:29:48 ET

you can have all of bio's nog...and i'll have storm's

that sounds about right

2002-11-25 20:29:55 ET

::Pops some shenanagins in a box labelled "L[C] CHRIS"::

2002-11-25 20:30:48 ET

ohh... so your callin the shots now, gus! how about i take YOUR NOG! hah

2002-11-25 20:31:19 ET

hey, leave my nog alone! lol

2002-11-25 20:31:38 ET

hahahhah, nice! i get good-bye-nog for the trip!

2002-11-25 20:32:48 ET

dont worry, i'll save you all of bio's nog

2002-11-25 20:33:44 ET

Please...no boy-boy NOG in my presence.

2002-11-25 20:34:27 ET

haha... people reading this are probably like "what the fuck is wrong with these people?" hahahh, that rocks!

2002-11-25 20:34:32 ET

c'mon, you know you love it. yes, you do.

2002-11-25 20:36:01 ET

you're all going to have to go to the nogaholics anonymous now

2002-11-25 20:36:05 ET

::accepts the nog from no boy-boys::

2002-11-25 20:37:22 ET

YES YOU DO </rocc0>

You boys are my D.A.N.'s

2002-11-25 20:37:26 ET

yea... i think im addicted! i can't fight it! must have storms nog!

2002-11-25 20:40:23 ET

lol, storm. should we be frightened? yes we should.

2002-11-25 20:49:33 ET


2002-11-26 07:30:52 ET

which is kinda true since the egg comes out of the ass, right?

i wanna try this soy nog that syko's been pushing on her page

2002-11-26 10:47:57 ET

Fuck soy nog.
Egg is the superior form of nog.


2002-11-26 10:49:02 ET

Storm <3's MEATNOG

2002-11-26 10:54:36 ET

Would you like some of my meatnog, Storm?

2002-11-26 10:55:25 ET

You don't have any. *THbbbbts!*

2002-11-26 10:57:30 ET


2002-11-26 11:27:22 ET

meatnog! lol, thats great

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