frozen sky
2002-12-03 11:56:59 ET

need haircut. will go after i get out of here. its mighty chilly out there campers. stay warm. i was shivering in my bed this morning. need to wear more clothes to bed. or get me a nice bed-warmer. hehe.

mostly done with my powerpoint presentation. its annoying that i am so close to being finished, yet have to sit at home waiting for the few final files. (killing the evening)

hung out with peeps last night; bar food, beer, cards and powerpoint. yeehaw. had a cigarrette last night. bad idea. felt kinda sick from it...which i guess is a good sign. couldnt sleep.

what a boring post. i'll try to be more exciting in the future. toodles.

2002-12-03 12:20:45 ET

I need a haircut too! Us asians can't always just stick a bowl over our heads and cut around!

2002-12-03 12:39:11 ET

Mmmmmmmmmm CIGARETTES....!!
::dons full green bodypaint; hypnotically waves a fresh pack of Luckies::

2002-12-03 14:27:45 ET

sin: i just got the dorkiest haircut ever -hides-

storm: trust me, i dont need that much encouragement! ;)

2002-12-03 14:48:39 ET

im jealous of your cigarette.

2002-12-03 14:58:23 ET

why? are you trying to quit?

2002-12-03 15:35:26 ET

no...thats just a song by hawksley workman...but i guess you havent heard

<le sigh>

no one has heard of about 80% of what i listen to i think...oh well

look up the song if ya gots time ^_^

2002-12-03 15:47:35 ET

turbo: you've found my weakness...i know next to nothing about music...actually, let me qualify that by saying that i know next to nothing about everything.

2002-12-03 17:33:34 ET

I think someone needs to post pics of their new hairdo.

2002-12-03 17:41:33 ET

i was thinking of posting more pics of myself maybe tomorrow

2002-12-03 18:19:53 ET

i haven't smoked since i got sick...i'm not's weird. i've smoked for about 5 years and i've never had an urge to smoke. i do it because i enjoy a beer. and i'm not a beer addict ;-P

2002-12-03 18:24:20 ET

More pics Gus! Bio will be very grateful... heheh
Je suis mal comme une chienne, and I just smoked a cigarette. *groan*

2002-12-03 18:51:14 ET

i thought i would have a harder time of quitting..but honestly, most times, i dont even think about it. just drinking, bars, clubs, walking around and waiting. seems like a lot...but not really.

i will see about pics...i might wanna go out tomorrow ;P

2002-12-04 12:40:03 ET

azrael, you are so cute.

2002-12-04 20:46:02 ET

squee: <3, leave oni for me!

i didnt post pics because i went out and got drunk...over the weekend, i promise.

2002-12-04 20:53:52 ET

<3 :) you're wonderful :D

but, no ;)

2002-12-04 20:57:11 ET

awww...too bad! =)
squee is da bomb!!!

2002-12-04 20:58:19 ET

*big big hug*

2002-12-04 21:00:23 ET


2002-12-04 21:00:50 ET


2002-12-04 21:02:16 ET

so how is the big guy anyways?

2002-12-04 21:03:27 ET

hehe. perfect as always ;)

2002-12-04 21:05:44 ET

good! i swear i'll contribute to your fund when i am not dead broke. you are such a sweet girl, you deserve all the happiness you can stand

2002-12-04 21:07:14 ET

awwwww!!!!! you are so sweet :)
thank you :) you're too kind.

2002-12-04 21:14:15 ET

just speaking my mind...
and your sweet nature deserves comment and merit

but dont think that i am special for recognizing! everyone does!

2002-12-04 21:15:21 ET

you're such a sweetie.

2002-12-04 21:17:45 ET

now you are just embarrasing me. will you stop? YOU are the sweet one for goodness sake.
i am merely an observer

2002-12-04 21:19:04 ET

hehe....ok, i'll stop ;)
but, thank you...

2002-12-04 21:24:02 ET

you're welcome =)


2002-12-04 21:24:44 ET

*hugggggggggs back* :)

2002-12-05 03:01:24 ET

oh would you two stop hehe

2002-12-05 03:02:20 ET

furax....did i ever tell you you have pretty eyes?

<bats eyelashes>

2002-12-05 03:03:28 ET

*wink* haha, you didn't...thank you kindly

2002-12-05 03:04:22 ET

oh you're welcome ^_^

and you're so sweet and sexy too! you just make the whole world better ;-)

2002-12-05 03:06:20 ET

truer words were never spoken hehe...ah, i'm kidding...but that is a nice thought. ...and i was trying to discourage any mushness here :-P

2002-12-05 03:07:34 ET

i know but i figured you and i may as well take revenge on azrael and squee ;-)


2002-12-05 03:08:43 ET

in the back seat of this entry...unf! unf! haha :-P

2002-12-05 03:11:46 ET

hahaha...oh yes, give it to meh! ^_^

2002-12-05 06:27:26 ET

lol! you guys! it wasnt that bad!!!!


2002-12-05 07:46:12 ET

yeah, jeez...
*hides too*

2002-12-05 08:03:14 ET

Don't worry, you two... Furax and the SKANKAH have been
trying to get their boy-love on for years now. You just gave
them the perfect excuse.

2002-12-05 08:06:18 ET

hehe, i thought so! thats ok boys, you guys dont need any excuse to show your man love.
not on anyways

2002-12-05 08:09:15 ET


2002-12-05 08:38:37 ET

They're probably sharing NOG as we speak...

2002-12-05 08:41:25 ET

ug! man-nog...mixing, touching. -shivers-

2002-12-05 08:42:48 ET

uhoh! haha

2002-12-05 10:55:34 ET

hey, everyone winds up with a skank once in a while :-/

haha...we were just poking fun at you guys! ;-P

2002-12-05 11:07:12 ET

haha, you were poking fun of us...but you were just poking turbo ;X

2002-12-05 11:08:37 ET are gay (o_O)

2002-12-05 11:25:19 ET

uhhh... no.
That would be you.
I believe Azrael was flirting with a Laydie. :)
YOU were not.

2002-12-05 11:28:41 ET

i was mislead!
...he slipped me a mickey! ...i swear! :-P

2002-12-05 12:07:20 ET

lol...more like slipped you a HICKEY!

2002-12-05 16:21:24 ET

hahaha :D

2002-12-05 23:37:41 ET

mmm...furax nog...

<nods> yeah, that was sick.


2002-12-06 04:59:41 ET

all in good fun, right guys? ;]

2002-12-06 10:34:03 ET

turbo can't face it that it was just a one night stand then i dumped him haha

...and yes, we're just fucking with you :-P

2002-12-06 10:37:32 ET

thats all right, turbo's getting mad action back on his page. he's beating them off with a stick.

haha, i know dude. i mess around all the time like that

2002-12-06 13:38:49 ET

you dumped me!?


2002-12-06 23:22:10 ET

furax is a playa!!!!

2002-12-06 23:48:34 ET



2002-12-07 01:01:40 ET


2002-12-07 01:04:14 ET

...what did you just finish doing...?

2002-12-07 01:06:20 ET

eating a bowl of crispix cereal, why?

2002-12-07 01:10:46 ET

<raises eyebrow>

...just wondering

2002-12-07 01:12:31 ET

stop checking up on was a one night thing! haha ;-P

2002-12-07 01:18:47 ET

you didnt make that clear when it happenned.


2002-12-07 01:27:02 ET

i'm not sure anything happened... (o_O)

2002-12-07 01:27:58 ET


how can you SAY that!? have you no soul!??

<lower lip trembling>

2002-12-07 01:29:19 ET

i sold my soul to my best friend for $20 when we were in seventh grade

2002-12-07 01:36:47 ET

oh......well that sucks, then.

2002-12-07 01:39:30 ET

well, i wanted to buy pizza and kneaded the dough

2002-12-07 01:46:27 ET

yes that was bad, but thats ok

2002-12-07 06:10:04 ET

furax: that was horrible dude

turbo: youve been furaxed! now you know better

2002-12-07 09:21:26 ET

i suppose so...


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