i ask myself, was i content?
2002-12-04 21:43:23 ET

so no new pics of me tonight. i know everyone is SO disappointed. anyway, went to taisho yakitori after work..met up with matt, vince and lisa. had some bad-ass japanese food. then went across the street and had beers with matt and colin. good times.

worked on the adult novelties all day. for those of you who don't know...i work with vibrators, dildos, blow up dolls, anal probes...etc. ALOT. i'd say 1 week out of 4.

new rocc0 is up...too lazy to put link up. you all know where its at. sounds more and more like a joke. i hope to goodness that it is.

i might show up at pyramid thursday. chances go up for every sk.netter who comfirms an appearance.

i had a lot more to say...but am having a hard time remembering. probably because i am drunk. more later. goodnight everyone.

2002-12-04 21:45:49 ET

no new pictures :(

2002-12-04 23:52:03 ET

:( me too.
Sweet dreams ;)

2002-12-05 02:07:34 ET

pants are good sometimes

2002-12-05 03:10:53 ET

you work with dildos? haha....don't we all?! ;-P

2002-12-05 03:32:38 ET

the plot thickens... and i don't mean in that pr0n sort of way:

2002-12-05 03:34:43 ET

...thats called a plot now?

2002-12-05 06:34:22 ET

squee and sis: i promise pics this weekend. i left the digital camera at work and i'm not going in today because it is snowing ALOT.

furax and digit: yea i do...want some? i cant give this stuff away

turbo: you can call it whatever you want! the funniest descrition i have heard recently is: loveMEAT curtesy of rocc0. also MEATbat is good

2002-12-05 07:16:51 ET

Storm needs new toys for work....
Storm needs new pics of Gus for masturbatory pleasure.


2002-12-05 07:32:42 ET

storm: i'll set aside some things for you if i can. i have to return most of them because they are prototypes, but some fall through the cracks. and the pile is getting bigger.

rubbing it out to pictures of moi? -blush-

2002-12-05 11:02:39 ET


2002-12-05 11:25:58 ET

</furax is gay>

2002-12-05 11:36:00 ET

gay: 1. Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry.
2. Bright or lively, especially in color: a gay, sunny room.
3. Given to social pleasures. 4. Dissolute; licentious.


i guess i am ;-P

2002-12-05 11:41:52 ET


2002-12-05 11:45:01 ET

</fag_hag> ;-P

2002-12-05 12:31:33 ET

whoa now this is getting confusing:

2002-12-05 12:38:35 ET

a lover's spat, nothing more ;P

2002-12-05 13:26:33 ET

furax is MINE.


2002-12-05 17:50:10 ET

Quite the ladies man you are. Dildos or not :P

2002-12-05 18:03:22 ET

Turbo, I've left you for another!

2002-12-05 18:21:16 ET

*leaves Furax* :P

2002-12-05 18:35:18 ET

sis, i'm used to girls leaving me hehe *sigh*

2002-12-05 20:44:10 ET

turbo: i thought we were an item! you bastard!

ananas: i hope you are not mistaking ME for a ladies man. that couldnt be farther from the truth

sis: what?!? you were with furax? what about us? ;P...um i guess that makes me as guilty as anyone...hehe

2002-12-06 00:29:44 ET

azrael: either im a player, or we're having a threesome...you decide.

2002-12-06 00:43:00 ET

*has no idea as to who is with who and brings everyone home with her to sort this out*

2002-12-06 00:43:46 ET

<eyes widen>

well that sounds like a good plan if i ever heard one! :-D

2002-12-06 02:57:12 ET

::slips away before anyone can notice::

2002-12-06 02:58:41 ET

i see you!

but im too tired to do anything

im gonna fall asleep now.

2002-12-06 05:01:40 ET

i like sis's idea. and just where do you think you are going, digit?

2002-12-06 05:49:25 ET

ummm...uhhh...over there ::points:: ...where the snow isn't yellow:

2002-12-06 06:15:22 ET

-everyone follows digit around-

2002-12-06 06:25:26 ET

aw crap: now you're gonna know my secret hiding place:

2002-12-06 17:13:38 ET

i already knew ;-)

2002-12-06 19:24:43 ET

quiet you: =P

2002-12-06 19:39:56 ET


2002-12-06 23:24:02 ET

digits hiding place is web2zone! secret is out y0

2002-12-06 23:55:02 ET


2002-12-06 23:56:58 ET

*stalks digit*

2002-12-06 23:58:28 ET

<joins sis>

2002-12-09 15:22:13 ET

You are all sluts...
*leaves everyone*
</fag hag>

2002-12-09 23:18:19 ET

but i wear pants so its all good

2002-12-09 23:21:25 ET

*sis looks for azrael's pants so he can put them back on*

2002-12-09 23:25:57 ET

heh...i wondered where those were!

-puts on pants-

2002-12-10 07:01:34 ET

::pokes head out from corner::

...is it safe to come out yet?

2002-12-10 07:18:40 ET

with these kind of characters lurking about, i think you can throw safety out the window!

2002-12-10 07:32:36 ET

defenestration ensues
*removes trousers*

2002-12-10 07:39:06 ET

c'mon didgit! everyone is taking their pants off!


2002-12-10 09:01:25 ET

oh ok: you talked me into it:

::removes flight suit::


2002-12-10 09:34:57 ET

now all we need is some nog and we'll be stylin!

2002-12-10 09:40:43 ET

hahaha: this is so true: where's storm with the nog when we need her?

2002-12-10 09:48:23 ET

man, sk.net has really brought out my twisted side

2002-12-10 10:19:04 ET

::Saunters in bearing tankards of NOG, St. Pauli Girl Style::
"wooohooo, hey boysss!"

2002-12-10 10:24:08 ET

thats a great visual...LOL

storm to the rescue!

2002-12-11 00:03:22 ET

hahahahaha: yeah that is a great visual:


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