drowning in the tears of always
2002-12-06 23:41:23 ET

i am drunk yet again. but the good news is...i got my divorce papers today! i am a free man! w00t! went to the mountain...then funhouse...hung out with chrissie most of the night. danced a lot at funhouse. good stuffs. gotta go rack...gotta wake up to meet user winterfae. goodnight all.

2002-12-06 23:42:59 ET

Ur a free man eh? I'll drink to that. <lemonade that is> ;)

2002-12-06 23:43:23 ET

feels good to be free, eh ;)
Sweet dreams.

2002-12-06 23:44:31 ET

kriz: freedom!

thanks sis.

2002-12-06 23:57:16 ET

you coming here yet? this sucks...

2002-12-07 00:01:57 ET

Oh christ.
I should of went to lamehouse.

2002-12-07 00:03:35 ET


2002-12-07 01:13:50 ET

you were married? ...never knew

2002-12-07 06:13:17 ET

insomnia: sorry i didnt make it

bio: i had fun

turbo: thanks dude

furax: yup...scary, right?

2002-12-07 14:25:58 ET

very... someone actually asked me if i was married because i wear rings...and it just so happens the rings only fit on my "ring"-fingers...go figure... :-P

2002-12-07 17:49:18 ET

i used to have a homemade duct tape ring with a spike sticking thru it that i wore on my marriage finger...but i lost it :-\

2002-12-07 18:13:14 ET

now thats a cool ring!

2002-12-07 18:14:11 ET

I can't wait till my boyfriend gives me a ring... <sigh>

2002-12-07 18:14:30 ET

BTW, Azrael, I am on the radio :) U dont have to miss it this time :D

2002-12-07 18:18:41 ET

yes, i loved that ring...i should make a new one sometime...i have way too many extra spikes anyway

2002-12-08 00:20:44 ET

boom: sorry, i missed it again! i suck

turbo: spikes rule

2002-12-08 00:49:41 ET

yes...i can never have enough spikes and metal...

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