new pics
2002-12-08 07:10:08 ET

hello all. finally got my ass around to posting pics. please understand that i am not photogenic! i wish i were, but i am not. anyway, winterfae and i had indian and coffee. i dropped her off at the bus stop, then rushed home to change and get krista's CD. had mucho fun last night. danced a lot. must have lost 10 lbs in sweat. gotta design a holiday card today for hydra. and generally take it weekend was hectic. i hope everyone enjoys the photoshop face-paint this time!

2002-12-08 07:12:10 ET

kik ass pics *S*

2002-12-08 07:13:10 ET

you're adorable, silly boi

2002-12-08 07:18:17 ET

Those are some sexay pics!

2002-12-08 07:19:11 ET

-blush- thanks everyone!!!!! <3

2002-12-08 07:37:46 ET

What are you talking about, not photogenic? Shush ya are!

Dancing is so much fun...moreso to music with an excellent beat.

2002-12-08 07:45:16 ET

thank you!!!!

yes, dancing ranks high on my favorite activities list

2002-12-08 07:58:04 ET

those are some uber pics :)

2002-12-08 08:00:47 ET


2002-12-08 08:57:51 ET

such a cutie :)

2002-12-08 09:07:49 ET

Your goggles and your shirt are awesome. You are photogenic. The camera loves you,wish it loved me :p Your so handsome. Good to hear you had fun with Winterfae. I've had some sort of Indian food before a long time ago at this friends house. It was ok.

2002-12-08 09:22:42 ET

squee: thanks sweetie

boom: thanks! i think you are insane but thanks anyway!

2002-12-08 10:25:49 ET

you're welcome, honey :)

2002-12-08 11:09:09 ET

squee: ha, id thank you again but furax might start making fun of me for 'flirting' with you <3

2002-12-08 12:14:29 ET

I should of been there.

fun pics.

2002-12-08 12:18:54 ET

dude, you missed out. we should have come over and harrassed you in your own home

2002-12-08 12:22:29 ET

Yeah, ... I can't go out and party, but the party can come to me!

plus, it's suspiciously near your place.

2002-12-08 12:23:53 ET

That is what I say *all* the time. Fuck club. My apt has more dance space.

2002-12-08 12:26:21 ET

... but no sluts!

oh wait. :X

2002-12-08 12:27:46 ET

hey if we start having parties maybe sluts will come!

bring your own...

2002-12-08 12:29:37 ET

Name the date.
I'll bring some sluts.

2002-12-08 12:30:03 ET

New Years Eve.

I'll bring Andy and Digit.

2002-12-08 12:46:13 ET

i wish i knew some sluts

2002-12-08 12:51:55 ET

You call yourself a Batcave regular and you don't even know some sluts?%!#^

I want a slut. :[

2002-12-08 12:52:14 ET

Gus only knows the guys.

2002-12-08 12:54:23 ET

well it all stems from my desire to avoid girls in general

2002-12-08 12:55:17 ET

good idea.

sex is BAD for you.

listen to that Bio - nothing but trouble.

2002-12-08 12:55:52 ET

but i want to touch a boob.
and a vagina. :[

2002-12-08 12:56:25 ET

buy one.

2002-12-08 12:57:38 ET

well i cant deny that it is exciting. but sometimes (most times) the price is too high

2002-12-08 13:07:55 ET

I'd rather monetary price than emotional.

2002-12-08 13:27:30 ET

yea, sometimes

2002-12-08 13:29:13 ET

flirting? you and me? nah..... that doesn't happen. hehe ;)

2002-12-08 13:36:45 ET

who us? never! ;)

2002-12-08 13:40:03 ET

hehe. :P

2002-12-08 15:29:11 ET

i dig the pix!

you sexeh sexeh man

2002-12-08 15:50:43 ET

lol...thanks turbo

2002-12-08 18:21:13 ET

i think your very photogenic :)

2002-12-08 18:30:53 ET

thanks :)

2002-12-08 18:33:12 ET

you could get a pocket pussy!`

2002-12-08 18:37:31 ET

i guess i can...but it just seems so absurd! to masturbate into a plastic sleeve, i mean

2002-12-08 18:39:35 ET

*shrugs* i *heart* my sex toys. but i guess i don't have to fuck a sleeve.

2002-12-08 18:41:52 ET

now dont get me wrong...i work with sex toys all the time, i just think that womens toys are much better than the mens.

2002-12-08 20:44:34 ET

those be some wacky goggles :-p

2002-12-09 03:18:58 ET

there's a first time for everything
az~those aren't bad pics at all. In fact, you're rather cute.

2002-12-09 06:47:55 ET

furax: i also own the maggot hologram ones too

cartoon: why thank you! everyone has been boosting my ego. i might get a big head from all of this.

2002-12-09 06:50:40 ET

*refrains from crude comment*
nah, you won't develop a big ego trip from this. you seem too nice a guy.

2002-12-09 07:03:49 ET

haha! subkultures brings out the crude in everyone.

thanks again <3

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