cant you see me getting colder?
2002-12-26 09:04:25 ET

went to my parents for xmas day with roomate aaron in tow. had food. watched my bro's spider-man dvd. got home just in front of the snow. what a nasty snowfall, all windy and cold. the midnight walk to the deli was beautiful, though. quiet, icy and contemplative. there's something beautiful about branches encased in ice, undisturbed snow and being the only one out on the street. must make my invoice for hydra. </bling>

2002-12-26 09:09:52 ET

nice...i wish i had snow...i never get snow

2002-12-26 09:11:40 ET

im not such a big fan of snow...

2002-12-26 09:13:36 ET

i just have never seen it in real life...i want to prob just b/c of that

2002-12-26 09:14:14 ET

its pretty wonderful the first time...but it gets old QUICK

2002-12-26 09:15:32 ET

i bet b/c it gets all slushy and muddy later on

2002-12-26 09:15:51 ET

snow is not a novel occurance in the north east u.s. ...and yes, it can get tired fast...especially if you have to walk in it or shovel it

2002-12-26 09:16:24 ET

snow is a farce.

2002-12-26 09:18:44 ET

its kinda warm here

2002-12-26 09:19:00 ET

it gets old

2002-12-26 09:19:25 ET

i want atleast one white x mas

2002-12-26 09:25:49 ET

it gets black and disgusting here in the city. its better in the suburbd where there is less automobile traffic. still, its not all its cracked up to be

2002-12-26 09:42:29 ET

I <3 Snow
From a respectful distance.

2002-12-26 11:01:40 ET

i respect the beauty of snow from a distance...but as for the logistics of it...blah

2002-12-26 11:37:59 ET

It's been cold here. I've been able to wear my beanie. <3 beanies.

PS: <3 DeVision

2002-12-26 11:57:03 ET


im a fan of devision but fellow sk.netters will mock me. haha

2002-12-26 11:59:48 ET

Yes... beanies. You know... woollen hat thingies?

Bah! Embrace the world of gay synthpop. Reject stompy music!

2002-12-26 12:01:42 ET

ahh, i think they are called skullies here

i used to be the stompy of the stomp but my tastes have widened as of late

2002-12-26 12:05:51 ET

A thread that hasn't turned to sex yet!

The bush outside my house looked pretty nice w/all those lights and snow on it.

<3 synthpop gayness.

2002-12-26 12:06:06 ET

Yeah, they are. Crazy yanks.

I try to be diverse, but I seem to get bored of non-synthpop / EBM a lot quicker.

2002-12-26 12:11:57 ET

miss pineapple: just give it time...anyway, yay! i have some support for synthpop gayness

slaad: i hear ya...i try to be as diverse as possible. but i always go back to the dark master

2002-12-26 12:18:19 ET

Yay for lt;3ing gay synthpop.

Nothing beats music that questions your sexuality so harshly that you have to listen to it with headphones ;)

2002-12-26 12:42:06 ET

hehe, only a guy who is secure in his sexual identity can listen to it

2002-12-26 12:46:43 ET

Damn straight. Which is what I am. Honest ;)

2002-12-26 15:41:40 ET

"dude, we should totally have sex with each other... you know, to prove that we aren't gay."

2002-12-26 17:33:58 ET

Hah! I'm using that on my girlfriend ;)

2002-12-26 19:00:10 ET

i love snow. love it, every aspect. mmhmm.
<3 azrael :)

2002-12-26 19:00:25 ET

anima: nice one!

slaad: i egt in touch with my feminine side

2002-12-26 19:44:35 ET

You wear panties when listening to Synthpop, AT? ;)

2002-12-27 01:22:02 ET

happy pants.

2002-12-27 07:36:46 ET

squee: snow is good in moderation...actually its much prettier up where you are

slaad: doesnt everyone?

turbo: are you calling me tina?

2002-12-27 15:16:08 ET

no, i just felt like saying happy pants!

2002-12-27 18:11:13 ET

Yeah, but I try not to boast about it ;)

2002-12-28 01:28:00 ET

panties are cool

2002-12-28 01:39:39 ET


2002-12-28 01:42:21 ET

dude, i am such a sucker..i got propositioned twice tonight and i didnt go for

2002-12-28 01:48:26 ET

By who? And why on earth not?

2002-12-28 01:50:09 ET

two girls....because i am a sucker...i'm going to bed...listen to symbiotic..its good for ya. goodnight.

2002-12-28 02:05:28 ET

Man.. you need your head checked :/

I'm rather diggin' Symbiotic. You need to make more m00sic already.

2002-12-28 08:30:36 ET

well, was way too young...and the other works at this bar i always go to...and i dont wanna get into that kinda entanglement

yo and thanks for the ftp....and the compliment on symbiotic

2002-12-28 09:53:51 ET

I thought you liked them 13 years younger than you. :P

2002-12-28 10:37:02 ET

only you bio <3

2002-12-28 10:48:22 ET

Awwww. <3

2002-12-28 11:51:09 ET

Ahh. Then I guess you were right on both accounts. The young one, obviously. And the bar situation would just be wierd. "Get me a vodka and orange, honey"

2002-12-28 15:10:36 ET

yea dude...i had a clearer head this morning and realized it was all for the best....still, i am a sucker

2002-12-28 15:25:49 ET

It was a good call. But still... female company, can't beat it.

2002-12-28 15:30:05 ET

damn right slaad! ;-P

2002-12-28 15:30:06 ET

i hung out with them..just didnt take em home. it was the right thing to do

2002-12-28 15:33:09 ET

Ohh, that's all good then. No loss there.

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