sometimes i am machine, sometimes i am a man
2002-12-27 08:26:35 ET

click on the link above to hear a couple of rough mixes of my new project. remember, they are NOT FINAL! they need a lot of work, but you'll get the basic idea.

shout outs to my man slaad for providing the ftp site! for anyone who doesnt know, slaad rules. now take a listen!

almost forgot another shout out: lyrics on 'last emotion' courtesy of user x10. [with minor edits]

btw: a million friend points for anyone who can guess the song from which i have taken my journal entry title.

2002-12-27 08:29:53 ET

downloading now :D

2002-12-27 08:33:05 ET

let me know what you think!

2002-12-27 09:05:10 ET

disintegrated is awesome :) love it.
last emotion v1, still downloading ;)

2002-12-27 09:06:55 ET

thanks sweetie! <3

2002-12-27 09:33:01 ET're welcome! <3 <3 <3 ;)

last emotion v1 = rocks my socks! love this, also :)

2002-12-27 09:36:15 ET

Mindless Faith

2002-12-27 09:36:24 ET

wow, thanks! i feel so gratified! -puffs up with pride- ahahhaha

2002-12-27 09:38:42 ET

hehehe. you're welcome :D

2002-12-27 09:42:06 ET

storm: you get a million points...redeemable in goods and services!

2002-12-27 09:57:49 ET

good stuff =D

2002-12-27 09:58:25 ET

thanks ub3r! <3

2002-12-27 10:07:50 ET

Mmm... I don't really care for GOODS thank you.

2002-12-27 10:42:43 ET

but what service could lil ole me provide? -grin-

2002-12-27 11:15:49 ET

slaad does rool, as do you!

ill be sure to listen to the stuff and let you know what i think...

2002-12-27 11:18:28 ET

thanks turbo, you da man!

2002-12-27 11:19:21 ET

This is cool!

What programs do you use to create music?

2002-12-27 11:20:16 ET

reason 2.0 and digital performer...mainly

thanks sin

2002-12-27 12:33:04 ET

good shit, my friend.

Wanna swap some remixes?

2002-12-27 17:24:17 ET

Those songs totallly got its oonts on it a good way.

2002-12-28 01:36:18 ET

242: when we have the album done, we'll talk remixes

bio: thanks dude!

2002-12-28 02:37:00 ET

finally got 'em downloaded.'re freakin good! these are definately staying on my computer, let me know if you get anything else recorded. <sends a ton of ego boosts your way> ^_^

i really ought to start working on some tunes myself i wish i had an analogue synth besides my digital one...

2002-12-28 08:42:18 ET

turbo: thanks a lot...that really means a lot to me!

2002-12-28 08:46:47 ET

yeah, i definitely would love to hear more, also!!! you are awesome, azrael :)

2002-12-28 08:48:09 ET

we are working on easy everyone...there will be more

thanks squee <3

2002-12-28 08:54:11 ET

you're welcome :) <3

2002-12-28 11:58:13 ET

I should work on a notification script so that it emails me / interested parties when you upload new work ;)

2002-12-28 15:12:59 ET

dude, please do not bother! it will likely be a song a month so it wouldnt be worth it. you have done enough already!

2002-12-28 15:27:43 ET

Now I'm gonna have to ;)

It's more just because I'm bored. Holidays and all.

2002-12-28 15:34:59 ET

well, if you insist!

2002-12-30 13:51:06 ET

i <3 my slaad given ftp site! ...i haven't done much with it lately though :-\

...need to get back to work on that :-)

2002-12-30 13:53:53 ET

I rock out, what can I say ;)

2002-12-30 16:01:16 ET

i finally got a cd with a few of the tracks! shit is awsome! we gotta do a show together :P

2002-12-30 16:18:09 ET

You can have it in my basement.

I have cabaret & liquor license.

2002-12-30 16:29:42 ET


2002-12-30 18:26:15 ET

furax: yea slaad rox!

death: definately dude

bio: new club night at biohouse

2002-12-30 20:01:12 ET

hey. i just listened to it.
i love it. you*re talented.
and mucho thanks for my lyrics being spewed in such a badass way.

2002-12-30 20:10:11 ET

thanks for letting me use your words!

2002-12-30 20:11:06 ET

Why won't you turn my poem about nog into a song, Azrael? :[

2002-12-30 20:11:57 ET

maybe one day bio ;p

2002-12-30 22:07:10 ET

we must destroy x10

2002-12-30 22:33:39 ET


2002-12-31 07:03:56 ET

no destroying x10.

2002-12-31 08:06:12 ET

it's a kompressor song

2002-12-31 08:18:45 ET

haha...i didnt know that!

2002-12-31 14:26:56 ET

haha. me neither.

2002-12-31 16:27:20 ET

Get it!

The chorus goes:

We must destroy x10
We must destroy all internet ad

2003-01-01 08:03:54 ET

i gotta find it

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