a vicious circle we have built
2003-01-08 07:35:29 ET

nothing much to report except that there are 2 new symbiotic tracks in the works. tenative concepts are as follows:

song one: working title: sub-traction
i will be dealing with the puzzling human condition of needing emotional partners.

song two: working title: eve
human cloning. god complex. original sin

last emotion [lyrics]

drowning in the tears of always
from the eyes of the dead
perpetual darkness for an unknown face
without the eyes, without the grace
interrupting the sting of a roses thorn
bleeding the last emotion
a smile never to be smiled again
lost in forever, shards of a shattered soul
into the chasm they fall
thrown about in winds unwanted

bitter reminders of such a lonely day
what once was has gone away
they can never be regained
bleeding the last emotion

cherished reminders of such a lovely day
they have gone away
they can never be retained
bleeding the last emotion

2003-01-08 07:41:44 ET

*sadness* that reminds me of...a time. I like those lyrics. good stuff.

2003-01-08 07:43:33 ET

go and listen to the song! and thanks...thank user x10...i got most of the lyrics from her

2003-01-08 07:55:05 ET

maybe I will.....

2003-01-08 08:13:34 ET

please do! just click on the symbiotic link in my bio

2003-01-08 08:16:59 ET

I will soon. I promise. just give me a sec.

2003-01-08 08:30:40 ET

lol, no hurries!

2003-01-08 08:37:32 ET

this is really cool! I like it a lot!

2003-01-08 08:41:07 ET

its now officially added to my playlist

2003-01-08 08:49:47 ET

yay :D

2003-01-08 08:50:07 ET

DAYTIME SQUAD - Song about all the bored people in NYC at work, ON SK.

2003-01-08 08:52:19 ET

i can't wait to hear the songs! :)
gorgeous lyrics.

2003-01-08 08:55:40 ET

storm: yea, its been a slow day...oops spoke too soon. 3 jobs just appeared on my desk. ack

squee: i cant wait to see how they turn out either. wish me luck!

2003-01-08 09:39:31 ET


last emotion and disintegrated have both been getting stuck in my head alot lately. cannot wait to hear more (-:

awesome stuff, man

2003-01-08 09:44:29 ET

turbo: you are the man! thanks so much...we wanted it to be catchy...full of hooks
we hope to continue this trend. -crosses fingers-

2003-01-08 09:47:23 ET

lol <grin>

but no, my friend, YOU are the man!

2003-01-08 11:56:44 ET

Word. Hurry up and finish them!
Is Symbiotic just you? Or other people also?

And the topic of the post... is that Cut.Rate.Box?

2003-01-08 12:00:31 ET

symbiotic is myself and jarv. guest vocals by kaliss. thus far anyway, i am always up for working with others

dude! i thought you were an A23 fan!!!

2003-01-08 12:05:23 ET

Ahh, cool. I thought it was just you.

Gah! Can't believe I missed that. Anthem. I was thinking it Zionsank. So the A23 connection was there... honest.

2003-01-08 12:08:02 ET

if it were just me, symbiotic would suck...i have absolutely no musical talent at all

hehe, thats cool...i went a little old school on that one

2003-01-08 12:09:55 ET

What do you do in Symbiotic?

Yeah, been a while since I listened to Contempt. It seems so old school these days.

2003-01-08 12:16:37 ET

i write lyrics and do the majority of the vocals but i cant actually do harmonies...when we need a harmony, we call in kaliss who is quite adept at them. i used to actually do programming and will in the future...im waiting to get a MIDI controller. step recording is a bitch. if you wanna actually hear music i have programmed, then check out my 'deceased band' link. i did roughly 50% of the programming for those songs.

2003-01-08 12:22:34 ET

ahh..it's all about slow days and sitting on SK ...oooh yeah! :-P

2003-01-08 12:25:55 ET

I'll check it out.

I try not to SK from work... it's way too distracting. I have to give the impression I actually do something at work ;)

2003-01-08 12:31:27 ET

furax: yea dude, except it got busy on me! fuck

slaad: yea, when you get a chance...its much harder coldwave style...and i find sk.net to be extremely distracting...but hey im an addict

2003-01-08 12:34:01 ET

i can quit sk anytime i want...

2003-01-08 12:38:55 ET

Just checking out Knives Turn Inward. Sound pretty cool. Did you guys actually have a CD?

2003-01-08 12:43:20 ET

furax: me too ;P

slaad: we released a CD ages ago...called 'alter'
the top 6 songs under the album title 'internalize' were never pressed to CD. they exist only on the web

2003-01-08 12:44:42 ET

That's pretty cool. Was it on a label?

Speaking of addicted "I need to clean my teeth and get ready for the day ahead... but first, I'll just check SK ... *90 minutes pass*"

2003-01-08 13:22:06 ET

alter was a self release. internalize was never released. we had interest from zoth ommog but they went bankrupt! bastids

dude, i know EXACTLY how you feel

2003-01-08 13:32:21 ET

>>> will be dealing with the puzzling human condition of needing emotional partners

haha thats what all songs are about isnt it?

the desire for autonomy and the pain of separation are woven into one another

2003-01-08 13:50:20 ET

yes! many songs are about this condition...but hey, whats one more? ;P

2003-01-08 14:22:57 ET

Damn them going bankrupt!

2003-01-08 15:00:03 ET


'symbiotic is myself and jarv. guest vocals by kaliss. thus far anyway, i am always up for working with others'

i'd so be up for doing something musically with you if i lived anywhere near you...heh...im such a starving musician but i never have a decent outlet for it really. blah...and i MUST get an analogue synth....should i ever be able to afford one...and a decent music program on my computer...not to mention a new computer...blah

2003-01-08 15:01:16 ET

i have an electronic drumset and a decent digital synth...heck i even made a drumbeat awhile ago that people seem to like but that's all i've done...i should try to do more sometime...altho the music program on my computer sux spherical objects.

2003-01-08 16:09:51 ET

turbo: if you can play electronic drums, we need a live drummer...of course you'd have to be in ny/nj

slaad: yea, we had the contract in our hands!!!! ddhgahwejv wejrobhkfhbjkajkvb

2003-01-08 16:48:04 ET

i wish you tons of luck, honey!

2003-01-08 18:06:12 ET

thanks squee! we'll need it!

2003-01-08 18:26:40 ET

you're welcome. :) !!!

2003-01-08 19:31:31 ET

heh yeah..well...ill get out there eventually!

2003-01-08 19:35:33 ET

come to think of it i could use a full on electronic drumset too...what i've got is just a small 4-pad yamaha beat box type thing. but i can do alot with it and it works well for just personal recording/programming

2003-01-09 09:29:15 ET

dude, we have some pads out here...im sure we can frankenstein a custom kit that you feel comfortable with. the only thiing is playing the kick on a pad with a stick makes it awkward...if you are used to a live kit

2003-01-09 11:55:49 ET

hmmm...i'm pretty sure i could get used to it

now if only i wasn't stuck in montana -_-

2003-01-09 11:58:18 ET

yikes...thats a long drive

2003-01-09 13:46:12 ET

yes....i plan on traveling the country and meeting everyone i know (that'd include you..lol)

but of course first i need money.... :-|

2003-01-09 21:16:34 ET

money helps

2003-01-10 17:49:11 ET

yes yes...i need a job...preferably of the blow variety

(gosh im just full of corny/perverse comments lately)

2003-01-11 09:52:56 ET


sk.net brings out the best in all of us

2003-01-11 13:07:22 ET

very true :-D

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