beyond any reason, beyond all doubt
2003-01-14 09:17:33 ET

good news! just got a call from my boy joe [dj cyn]

he was talking to guido from E-CRAFT who wants to do a remix of a symbiotic track!!! i am uber excited about this development.

in other symbiotic news. finished writing lyrics for 'core' and 'sub-tract' they should be tight when done. if anyone wants a sneak peek at the lyrics, PM me and i'll send them to you. i wanna wait to post in public until the vox are actually tracked [and the songs are uploaded]...which may happen as soon as this weekend.

2003-01-14 09:33:33 ET

oh yeah, pm me them or um email? .......!
i got some lyrics to post soon too!

2003-01-14 09:37:39 ET

i sent them...and let me know when you post yours

2003-01-14 09:39:02 ET

it was sweet!.......i pmed you-i'm shure youv'e figured that out!!
*LOL* hehehehe

2003-01-14 09:41:06 ET

thanks pinky <3

2003-01-14 09:43:10 ET

that was beautifull......morbid yet somewhat uplifting
and pleasurable to read,yes it was superb 8) i think i may post some thing in a few on my page!! you have inspired me :)

2003-01-14 09:45:01 ET

yay! thanks...i'm glad i was able to convey my concept successfully

i'll check your page when you post

2003-01-14 09:51:53 ET

i'm glad i was able to recive yur concept so realisticly!! heh
i posted my morning thing.........i am gonna post some spoken word now!

2003-01-14 09:53:59 ET

nice! i'll go check it out

2003-01-14 09:54:03 ET

You rock! Way to go!

2003-01-14 09:57:27 ET

i had nothing to do with it! it was all joe...we all hung out when they toured here last year...but joe is the one that stayed in touch and really pushing symbiotic

2003-01-14 10:04:10 ET

That's awesome. I like your music, maybe one day you'll do a tour?

2003-01-14 10:06:06 ET

i can only dream...i would love to. but without a label backing...a tour is kind of an expensive proposition. we have to get signed to a label which is willing to front tour money...and they are getting more and more rare

2003-01-14 10:07:57 ET

hmmm,that sucks :( and my boy are gonna start a band as soon as we find dedecated ppl,and get all our shit together! my thing!

2003-01-14 10:12:23 ET

i did! everyone should be in a band as far as i am concerned. it is so much fun...and a good outlet for creative energies, stress, frustartion, pain

2003-01-14 10:14:05 ET

exactly!!........well i'll ttyl then,gotta turn in to responsible pinky now! peace <3

2003-01-14 10:14:57 ET


2003-01-14 11:05:01 ET

i like symbiotic better than e-craft, you should remix them!!! hehehe, lol, PM me, im game to read the new lyrics

2003-01-14 11:13:54 ET

right on

2003-01-14 11:25:56 ET

Y'all should tour. 8]

2003-01-14 12:20:18 ET

maybe one day -crosses fingers-

2003-01-14 13:12:41 ET


2003-01-14 16:07:53 ET

e-craft wants to DO you?! hehe pretty cool ;-P

2003-01-14 16:36:44 ET

turbo: thanks

furax: yea, should be pretty good. heh, e-craft wanna do a lot of people ;P

2003-01-14 18:23:14 ET

...those ho-bags!

2003-01-14 22:31:52 ET

speaking of friends back where i used to live have a band called 'dingus'...and they do a song called 'whore bag'...and the chorus sings 'you'll always be a whore bag'...that song is great...but anyway

2003-01-15 06:30:03 ET

furax: HO-CRAFT

turbo: lol...dingus! they gotta be a punk band, right?

2003-01-15 09:25:45 ET

yeah huh! LOL........

2003-01-15 09:38:45 ET

gotta be

2003-01-15 13:37:46 ET

yep they are...haha. but they're actually really stinkin good...i hope they stick together cause they could definately get signed methinks....speaking of people who could definately get still waiting to hear more symbiotic ;-)

2003-01-15 13:50:44 ET going to track vocals this weekend.

HOWEVER: the ftp site is down for 2 weeks according to slaad

2003-01-15 13:53:15 ET

ah well

any other way you could send them to me once you get 'em finished?

2003-01-15 13:54:40 ET


i'm never on though. but for you i'd make a special appearance

2003-01-15 13:57:47 ET

ok :-D

sounds good

im TurboSkanker and CapFalcon1 on aim, so whenever you're on...

2003-01-15 14:00:55 ET

ok...i'll keep you posted

2003-01-15 14:01:59 ET

rockin (-:

2003-01-15 14:09:22 ET


2003-01-15 14:12:23 ET

i gotta send you the tracks 5arah. gotta repreZENT on the west coast!!!

2003-01-15 17:00:59 ET

yeah..I gotta hear!

2003-01-15 18:47:35 ET

unfortunately, the symbiotic ftp site is currently down =(

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