impulse buy
2003-01-15 14:06:27 ET

i bought final fantasy: the spirits within. the plot is pretty lame, i have to say...but it LOOKS beautiful.

btw: the symbiotic ftp site is DOWN until further notice

2003-01-15 14:09:37 ET

i still have to see that...

2003-01-15 14:14:15 ET

the visuals are stunning...the voice acting mediocre...the plot utterly typical

2003-01-15 14:15:29 ET

so i've heard...but i am a nut for good cg...

2003-01-15 14:16:21 ET

then you'll definately cream your panties...i know i did =)

2003-01-15 14:42:17 ET

it IS pretty. and the plot is even worse than typical.

2003-01-15 15:02:45 ET

yea...i was trying to be kind. it was a shame, really

2003-01-15 15:17:02 ET

oh well. not all movies can be 100% awesome.

2003-01-15 15:20:01 ET

i used to play final fantasy 7 when i was in middle school, i loved the japanese midjit people, and i still do.

2003-01-15 15:42:19 ET

cavefish: yea, no least it was superb in one sense

beep: i LOVED final fantasy 7!!! especially the big cat guy

2003-01-15 15:43:42 ET

i liked the chick with the big tits, i think her name was Hootie McBoob, i could be wrong.

2003-01-15 15:46:21 ET

ahhh, i remember her. tifa. hahaha, i am such a geek

2003-01-15 15:58:52 ET

I think I was most impressed with Donald Suthlerand's character. I can't remember his name, though

2003-01-15 16:05:03 ET

the doctor? i forget his name also. i havent seen it in over a year. maybe i'll rock it tonight...

2003-01-15 16:09:48 ET

say, on a side note, I went to your site, but nothing's working for me.

2003-01-15 16:18:26 ET

the neuroplague one? or the symbiotic one? the symbiotic one is down for awhile...if its the neuroplague site...i dont know what is wrong. but sometimes, i have problems hearing shit off of there. the site kinda sucks, i found out

2003-01-15 16:25:29 ET

the Neuroplague one, I noticed that the Symbiotic one is down. I guess I'll try later.

2003-01-15 16:26:50 ET

is there anywhere else I can hear you guys?

2003-01-15 16:30:22 ET

hmmm....its the only place on the web that the songs are stored on....if you have AIM i can file transfer them over to you

2003-01-15 16:35:41 ET

is there anywhere else I can hear you guys?

2003-01-15 16:38:45 ET

uh, we released a CD awhile might still be on

but no place else you can download from...especially the newer stuff. sorry =(

2003-01-15 17:03:44 ET

Final Fantasy + Component TV = Pure sex.

2003-01-15 18:18:10 ET

just like metroid prime + component tv

2003-01-15 18:27:47 ET

That also would be nice :D

Lars, come be my roommate. When our PS2 and GC combine...

2003-01-15 18:49:26 ET

hey you two, no naughty talk! lol

2003-01-15 19:12:13 ET

oooh...slaad you're talking my language.


and hey azrael, just a bit of fun is all!


2003-01-15 19:24:30 ET

hahahaha...its all good. you guys can talk about hooking your machines together all you want!

2003-01-16 04:46:16 ET

I'm not so fond of that movie...
But the rendering on the HAIR is quite something.
The features bother me though:
Faces from nightmares.

2003-01-16 06:39:28 ET

i was partial to the sunspots and the pores on the skin. SICK! but yea, there was something definately off. conflict of anime vs. realism

2003-01-16 12:23:11 ET

yeah c.g. is still a good long ways from being able to render perfectly true-to-life humans.

2003-01-16 12:30:39 ET

though the effort was impressive IMO

2003-01-16 12:32:43 ET

yes yes...i still ought to see it. i should also pick up the resident evil titles for the gamecube as i've heard the character models in that are supposedly some of the best ever as well from what i've heard...

2003-01-16 12:33:52 ET

yea, ive heard that also...but for the x-box versions

2003-01-16 12:35:03 ET

but there are no x-box versions ;-)

2003-01-16 12:38:09 ET

oh, really? huh, i must be thinking of gamecube then. my friend was going on and on about resident evil zero

2003-01-16 12:47:24 ET

yes...capcom has the majority of their games (if not all) completely exclusive to gamecube cause they felt it was the "most powerful system to do the most on the quickest" which is definately true ^_^ yeah

this reminds me of a wallpaper i have...i'll have to dig it up, though...

2003-01-16 13:04:32 ET

here ya go...

teeheehee (and just for the record, the image isnt copyrighted)

2003-01-16 13:05:48 ET

Dude... Devil May Cry which is by Capcom and similiar to Resident Evil, only much better is a PS2 only release, from what I know.

It's Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment, but it's good none the less.

2003-01-16 13:16:23 ET

ps2 ownz!!! i love mine

2003-01-16 13:17:33 ET

Word! AT is in the right camp.

2003-01-16 13:35:43 ET

i'll just leave the ps2 alone ;-)

as long as you're having fun with it...but i'd never buy one

2003-01-16 13:50:44 ET

Each to their own, I always say.

For me it was a matter of titles. PS2 had / has / always will have more titles I dig.

2003-01-16 13:53:18 ET

yes...gotta love sony's quantity over quality philosophy ;-)

however i still say our systems must join forces one day on your big beautiful tv...oh that would be glorious

2003-01-16 14:02:27 ET

Yes! They must! My next investment will be a surround sound system :D

2003-01-16 15:47:08 ET

mmm some parts of that movie they look almost like real people.
their eyes look human.

2003-01-16 20:13:21 ET

turbo: you are way off! ps2 is the superior gaming experience!

slaad: im in your camp on this. i am a die hard sony fan

terriblethings: was kinda spooky....sometimes, i'd forget, then they'd move in a really awkward way and ruin the illusion

2003-01-16 20:24:56 ET

amazing amazing amazing.
FF owns me.

2003-01-16 20:45:27 ET

yea, i only wish they had spent more time on the story line...but i cant complain too much. it has massive eye candy

2003-01-16 20:50:52 ET

massive is right!! hehe

2003-01-16 20:56:16 ET

definately high quality animation

2003-01-16 21:13:21 ET

indeed :)

2003-01-16 23:05:04 ET

well...ok...i'm not going to go into this in detail cause i'll probably annoy you...buuut...the video game industry is one of the primary things im interested in getting into. ive done ALOT of homework both on systems and the companies behind them. as far as system power and capabilities as well as system architexture, the gamecube has the ps2 completely blown out of the water and the xbox beaten as well, while by a smaller margin. for one thing, the sony ps2 has the same internal design structure as the ATARI JAGUAR (if you remember that, even) except it's bumped up to 128 bit as opposed to "64"...speaking of which, the ps2 also lacks one or 2 graphical features that were even present in the n64, such as real anti-aliasing.

also, well, look at the reviews. i've done alot of comparisons of cross-platform games...the ps2 is virtually always stuck with the worst graphics of the 3 versions...with the gamecube and xbox *usually* tied in that respect. however, such games on the gamecube as metroid prime, star wars rogue leader, and other such games designed solely for the system, from what ive seen, completely blow away anything on the 'box. another thing is the gamecube is the only of the 3 systems that was designed purely as a dedicated game system. with consoles, as opposed to computers, system architexture often takes precidence over the numbers. the gamecube has by far the sleekest system architexture of the 3 systems, AND it has the numbers to back it up. for example, the xbox and the ps2 can do 4 textures per-poly, the gamecube can do 8...not to mention it can do those 8 in a single of the many things that also make it arguably the easiest of the 3 to develop for, definately easier than the ps2 with it's dual processor design and burst processing.

annd my 3rd beef is the three companies...nintendo is a dedicated video game company that REALLY cares about the product it puts out. people complain sometimes about how nintendo's games are often delayed more than others...but this is partially because nintendo is about the only company that actually encourages it. they want their games to be absolutely as good as possible and want developers to take all the time needed. sony, on the other hand, generally picks a release date and pushes for it. there have been several documented cases of companies complaining that their game was released before they could work all the bugs out, simply cause sony would get on their back about getting the game out in time. this possibly contributes all the more to sony's large library, but does it equal quality? personally i've played multiple games on each system, and found fun games on each system, but thus far i've found nintendo's second and first party games to just be eons better than the majority of the competition. sony has just struck me as the abercrombie and fitch of the electronics world...i'm pretty sure they could put the name "sony" on a turd and it would sell for 500 not that im saying the ps2 is a turd, by any means, but from my experience it is a far weaker system...and well i guess i did ramble quite a bit here...haha...and this is entirely my oppinion, but as i said, it's an industry that interests me alot, and i tend to keep close tabs on it. from comparisons i've made, the gamecube is THE system to own. but hey, if you're having fun with your system, keep having fun with your system! i know i have fun with a ps2 or an xbox whenever i have opertunity to play them...i could go on further but methinks i should shatap before i get mauled ;-)

2003-01-17 06:03:32 ET

turbo: your point is well taken, but lets not forget that gamecube and x-box arrived a full 2 years after ps2...which in the electronic world is a generation. its like comparing nintendo to atari. i expect that when sony releases their next generation system, it will be just as good [in comparison] to existing systems as the ps2 was to dreamcast. i cant ramble on too much as i dont know much about gaming anymore.

2003-01-17 14:26:50 ET

this is true...

and well, i know WAY TOO MUCH about gaming. hahaha

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