the party palace
2003-02-02 17:40:37 ET

so i rocked the weekend with a vengence. first stop, the mountain. hung out with matt, chrissie and kathy. alanna showed up a little later. they all left to go to see pt grimm. i rocked the PATH to newark. hang with everyone there. by the end of the night, i was totally ripped and was saying stupid things. i dont remember much of the night actually. crashed at DC's. woke up and laid around like lazy fucks for most of saturday. then we decided to stay in jersey for a veriety of reasons. rocked q's again. crashed again. now im back...

back with new tracks. check it yo

2003-02-02 17:42:37 ET

pt grimm sucks

2003-02-02 17:48:07 ET

ive never seen them...heard about them a lot.

2003-02-02 19:29:53 ET

dude you were so wasted lol hahahha

2003-02-02 19:45:49 ET

fun stuff

yay now i have a link i can send people to and them to download your stuff again! ^_^

2003-02-02 20:05:46 ET

insomnia: yea...hehe. havent been that ripped in awhile

turbo: thanks!!!

2003-02-04 10:08:43 ET

hey azrael, check out this funny avatar, i think im gonna use it for the rest of the day :)

2003-02-04 10:40:27 ET

nice one!!!

2003-02-04 10:58:39 ET

sounds like an excelent night :)
dang my thing dosn't work...guess i'll have to try to listen to the stuff later :(

2003-02-04 11:18:58 ET

it was =)

awww, too bad! be sure to check it out later

2003-02-04 11:20:24 ET

i definatly will!! :)

2003-02-04 11:24:05 ET


2003-02-04 13:50:28 ET

beyond any reason, beyond all doubt!!

2003-02-04 14:16:28 ET

teetering on the edge of despair

2003-02-04 14:20:33 ET

hells yea!

2003-02-04 14:48:22 ET

yo i talked to jarv .. he is giving me the tracks for core this week, im gonna do a hottt mix ;)

2003-02-04 15:20:15 ET


2003-02-04 15:21:32 ET


2003-02-09 16:45:59 ET my speakers finally work! it sounds good,but it keeps cutting off every few seconds....think my puter is royaly fucked... *crys* ....i like the sound of it alot tho! :)

2003-02-09 19:06:54 ET

thanks! <3

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