you're so cruel
2003-02-06 07:53:34 ET

i have to say, this rhys fulber remix of 'worlock' kicks my organ.

hung out with prusik last night. smoked a bowl and chilled out to underworld. underworld also kicks my organ. had a nice relaxing day of doing absolutely nothing yesterday. im not sure if i'll be going to see das ich on anyone going?

2003-02-06 07:55:42 ET

Underworld rocks!

The last track on Beaucoup Fish is the best!

2003-02-06 07:57:20 ET

i'm actually pretty impressed with the new album!

2003-02-06 08:00:44 ET

mmmm das ich
i so want to see them again
oh well, stuck in nashville

2003-02-06 08:03:55 ET

Which one? The Toughest Infants one?

2003-02-06 08:17:12 ET

belmont: i went to see them in new york but it was WAY too crowded! i couldnt see jack shit. if i craned my neck, i could JUST glimpse the keyboard player.

sin: i dont know the name of it...prusik burned me some random shit of the new album

2003-02-06 10:11:10 ET

i'll be at Q's this friday...

2003-02-06 10:21:32 ET

furax: YOU! holy shit man...i havent seen you out on a friday in forever. q's is looking better and better. unfortunately i am tapped out as usual. =(

2003-02-06 10:28:45 ET

me too...but i can go and get my check today!

2003-02-06 10:53:00 ET

i hope to get a check myself...if i can get it tomorrow, i should be smooth

2003-02-06 11:09:51 ET

you gots to get paid! lol

2003-02-06 11:11:02 ET

I'll be there, too. I think most of us will be there. In fact, I think it'll be packed and it will be tons of fun.

I'll be there with bells on.

2003-02-06 11:14:34 ET

DC: yea, no doubt!

bio: interesting....i hope to make it

2003-02-06 12:05:35 ET

huzzah for skinny puppy remixes!

i'd go to das ich in a heartbeat...if i wasnt stuck here

2003-02-06 12:06:03 ET

i wish i could go :(

2003-02-06 12:15:31 ET

turbo: worlock especially rocks extra hard

automata: i wish you could too

2003-02-06 13:02:26 ET

damn son, i did the same w/prusik earlier this week

and doktor242 the day after me!!!

he's going to kill us like this, one by one!!!

2003-02-06 13:30:11 ET

soon we all shall fall before the might of prusik

2003-02-06 13:33:05 ET

lol its true

"prusik... makes the people.. come together .... "


2003-02-06 13:33:29 ET

yea, an this time he wont have to crash at my apt. lol

he can now "brooklyn reprezent"!

2003-02-06 13:36:36 ET

I have the Prusik vaccine.

2003-02-06 13:38:55 ET

it's called Cold Meat Industries, isn't it, Bio?

2003-02-06 13:42:24 ET

It allows me to be immune to Pocket Calculator.

2003-02-06 13:45:08 ET

...i wonder how you'd take to working in a pocket calculator?

(im sorry, i had to put that quote in there)

2003-02-06 15:00:55 ET

dammit gus you better be going out tomorrow, you gotta come support cst =)

2003-02-06 15:44:41 ET

come out and play gus!

2003-02-06 16:05:03 ET

EVERYONE is going. check biomechanicthread.

And you're lucky you couldn't see Das Ich - they're all damn ugly.

2003-02-06 20:19:27 ET

all you kids: i'll try my hardest to make it out. no guarantees, though. main reason is to support nachtrichter, of course =)

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