liberate my mind, a cage is no place for a soul
2003-02-19 08:47:19 ET

had a meeting with the HYDRA people yesterday. i got the lowdown on my spring projects. with this, i say farewell to my social life for the next 2 months [possibly longer] i must design 2 books from scratch, provide sales materials for a dozen titles, as well as design a catalog. i will still occasionally be out and about [most likely batcave] but for the most part, i am out on all activities. eh, its the way of the freelancer. now if only i could get them to pay up. grrr

DC is working on life [c]ried remix of 'core'. can't wait to hear it

2003-02-19 09:22:55 ET

work keeps the mind from dulling (most of the time)

2003-02-19 09:34:50 ET

Don't forget to grope an occassional pineapple or 2.

2003-02-19 09:36:48 ET

automata: my mind feels dull...i think i am getting sick to top it all off

cyber: i will not change my pineapple groping ways...i will just have to be more selective ;p

2003-02-19 09:43:05 ET

the whole east coast is sick now, my s.o. is most decidedly un-pineapple :( i have no pineapple to grope

2003-02-19 09:46:43 ET

groping pineapples come with its own unique dangers...

2003-02-19 09:49:54 ET

all work and no play...

2003-02-19 09:53:55 ET

...makes me a cranky person.

2003-02-19 09:55:31 ET

Captain Morgan makes Bea an uniquely dangerous pineapple.

The things I like to shove in my...

2003-02-19 10:17:58 ET


2003-02-19 10:28:04 ET

We'll miss you.

P.S. Tell them you need to hire a lackey to do paperwork for you on Fridays.

2003-02-19 10:31:43 ET

there used to be a website run out of seattle that you could actually hire a lackey to do things for you, oddly enough it was called

2003-02-19 10:34:37 ET

They need to hire me. I need another job, and I don't care if it's dumb paperwork.

2003-02-19 10:35:45 ET

Good luck with your real life adventures.
Remember: I'm still in the hood, y0!
And if you ever want us to have a party at your house ... I'm there.

::wants make c0re mix::

2003-02-19 10:41:16 ET

cyber: yea, the captain makes you nuts

insomnia: i wish i could hire a lackey...sigh

automata: care to do some graphic design for me?

bio: i will have something at my place soon. i gotta recover from this cold first.

2003-02-19 11:03:01 ET

-invites self over to Gus's house-

Alright now make out w/Bio. :)

2003-02-19 11:31:30 ET

-stands ready with video camera-

2003-02-19 11:45:01 ET AND Bio :)

2003-02-19 11:54:21 ET

dude, the mix is coming out REALLY well, its heavy as fuck, i already started to add your vocal track into it, len heard some of it an loved it, its definatly CORE! i still got a bunch of touch ups to do though ;) lol

2003-02-19 12:07:44 ET

cyber: i gave up man-nog

DC: dude, i cant wait to hear it

2003-02-19 12:19:02 ET

i want to hear the fuck up...i mean refuck...err remix

2003-02-19 12:24:36 ET

got something on your mind, furax?

2003-02-19 12:26:56 ET

i actually did take 2 years of graphic arts back in DE, but it was basically photoshop and pagemaker b.s.

2003-02-19 12:54:48 ET

good luck with all of that, man

i cant wait to hear the remix!!

oh, and on a slightly unrelated note, your subject line reminds me of the song 'locked in a cage' by skillet...but i dont suppose youve heard that...

2003-02-19 13:10:02 ET


if you had the individual sounds for the song up online somewhere...would you let me play around with it? ...i'm not promising any results though...i just wanted to fuck around...

2003-02-19 13:56:33 ET

I already slept with Gus.
You missed out.

2003-02-19 14:17:29 ET

auto: ahhh, pagemaker. unfortunately most of the work will require knowledge of quark

turbo: the lyrics are from 'liberate' by porcupine defense...hehe. and thanks!

furax: DC has all the isolated sounds...maybe he can provide you the CD when he is done

bio: but you didnt put out!

2003-02-20 07:02:54 ET

otay! :-)

bio is a virgin whore.

2003-02-20 09:42:19 ET

slept? bio you dirty, dirty man-child

2003-02-20 09:56:56 ET

dirty man-child is right

2003-02-20 11:25:16 ET

I am 100% innocent and pure, you dirty kid touchers.

2003-02-20 11:44:00 ET

i'm not a dirty kid toucher as i'm a kid myself, muahaha, your child-like charms are legal for me, beware!

2003-02-20 13:35:25 ET

bio: lets not forget hippy chick!

automata: bio only gets a cheap thrill from us old timers

2003-02-20 14:53:19 ET

That's true, Azrael.

Hippy chick was ten years older than me.
And it was in front of her boyfriend.
So I win.

2003-02-20 14:54:08 ET

who's hippy chick? what happened?

2003-02-20 14:56:54 ET

You want us to post child pornography in here and get us arrested?!

2003-02-20 14:59:42 ET

Bio is a hippie lover.

2003-02-20 14:59:52 ET

sin: it was a sad sad affair

bio: werent you arrested at once point?

2003-02-20 15:00:48 ET

Insomnia: Only 'cause I love hippies!

Azrael: Selling drugs and kidtouchery are very seperate crimes.

2003-02-20 15:29:54 ET

oh, you're absolutely were arrested on two counts

2003-02-25 08:46:30 ET

Bio spooned me once.
I think that should count as loss of virginity.

BTW, Triggah-Mahn... your new Symbiotic graphic is fucking off the Hizznack.
<3Get well so we can have a proper Ant-Zen party at Triggerhaus.

2003-02-25 08:51:32 ET

i think that counts...hes probably pregnant

ha! it'd be a pretty lame ant-zen party...since i dont actually own any of their material

2003-02-25 09:46:41 ET

yea dude, its hot .. i must ask though .. is that you, jarv and kaliss in that new graphic? lol

2003-02-25 09:57:36 ET

of course, yo

pretty authentic looking, eh? ;p

2003-02-25 10:00:04 ET

NOooooo... !!!!


2003-02-25 10:05:53 ET


2003-02-25 10:07:55 ET


2003-02-25 11:37:17 ET

If spooning Storm equals virginity loss, then I might as well be a mack daddy player super fly double plus.

P.S. I'll bring the tunes to TriggaHaus... therefore ensuring that only I will enjoy the evening. ; )

2003-02-25 11:42:19 ET

Oh no! You mean I'm not a virgin anymore! Damn you Storm!! ::cry::

2003-02-25 11:44:46 ET

bio: you playa, you. i forbid bio to touch my itunes

insomnia: being a virgin is overrated

2003-02-25 11:45:30 ET

Not true, Az, I got hit on sooo much more when I was a virgin. And I wasn't even wandering around half naked like I do now!!!

2003-02-25 11:46:55 ET

Clarification:Spooning Storm = PREGNANCY, not necessarily virginity loss.
Considering the number of you folks who've crashed at my place, you can expect a tri-state glut of wee green-eyed monsters in about a year.

2003-02-25 11:50:26 ET

insomnia: this would explain my sudden attractiveness to females

storm: your boys can swim!

2003-02-25 11:51:43 ET


2003-02-25 12:02:51 ET

Bornagain virginity doesn't count Az, cause then people would be hitting on me to. It's been just as long for me as for you - dunno if you recall that convo you were gone as usual .. .

2003-02-25 12:03:41 ET

please enlighten me...because i have no idea what conversation you are talking about

2003-02-25 12:08:55 ET

you were drunk - we just compared how long it'd been for you and for me, and our time frames matched. so if you're a born again virgin then I am too -

I'm having trouble explaining this w/out making it sound like you and I had sex. We just did, seperately, around the same time -

2003-02-25 12:12:26 ET are too funny

im sure no one think that we had sex

2003-02-25 12:14:12 ET

I was just trying to write it and it was coming out all innuendo filled... bah...

2003-02-25 12:15:40 ET

are you guys gonna do it?! :-P

2003-02-25 12:22:26 ET

haha, too funny, lol

2003-02-25 12:24:53 ET

Az and I need to keep being celibate cause apparently it greatens our chances of being hit on. . .

Besides, I've had enough of trying to sleep with people who are too drunk to stand up anymore . .. <3

2003-02-25 12:30:58 ET

Two celibate people can have sex and still be celibate.


2003-02-25 12:32:57 ET

They can? Pray tell, Bio . . .

2003-02-25 12:33:50 ET

Chaucer said you could.

2003-02-25 12:34:40 ET

no, i think he has a good point here .. lol .. 2 celibates together = uber celibate! .. no?

2003-02-25 12:34:44 ET


2003-02-25 13:27:44 ET

we should form the celibates support group

2003-02-25 13:28:44 ET

I can't join, because I'm only celibate due to lack of opportunity and not choice. But I'll come and give guest lectures. . . or something.

2003-02-25 13:32:04 ET

celebacy is always a choice!

2003-02-25 13:38:55 ET

oh? so if I choose to not be, then I'll be presented with someone hot I can go home with?

::looks around::

No Az, I think you're wrong on this one -

2003-02-25 13:43:09 ET

someone 'hot'...well there's the choice ;p

2003-02-25 13:44:47 ET

Can you have sex with someone who isn't attractive to you? I mean, wouldn't it be physically impossible, so to speak?

2003-02-25 13:45:35 ET

Silly girl...

2003-02-25 13:51:43 ET

I'm serious! It doesn't count if I fall asleep or throw up. . .

2003-02-25 14:18:30 ET

a choice is a choice...enjoyment or obligation are choices too

2003-02-25 14:20:35 ET

I disagree. If I fall asleep during sex, I didn't really get to have sex, so I'm still celibate. And having to stop during sex to throw up because they're so revolting is similar.

2003-02-25 14:30:51 ET

i think that there is a distinction between good sex and sex. if you wanted to have sex, you could at any time. but you want good sex and that is the choice you are making

2003-02-25 14:32:23 ET

But if something prevents you from committing the act, isn't that not having sex?

2003-02-25 14:35:38 ET

you choose to let something prevent you

2003-02-25 14:40:02 ET

I am so ending this discussion - I can't explain what I'm talking about. . .

2003-02-25 14:41:00 ET

Who likes pie?

My prefrence is pumpkin!

2003-02-25 14:44:28 ET

ive always been partial to pecan

2003-02-25 14:47:02 ET

Pecan is a rather formidable pie, my friend.

2003-02-25 14:47:42 ET

not pineapple Bio?

I like banana cream pie - dunno, I don't really like bananas. . .

2003-02-25 14:49:15 ET

What about die cyber bananas pie?

Frankly, I've never seen a pineapple pie in my short existance.

2003-02-25 14:50:06 ET

i dont like sweets, except for pixi sticks .. but i must say that if i had to eat pie i would probably ask bio to bake it for me :)

2003-02-25 14:51:07 ET

pixi sticks <3

We need to figure out how to make pineapple pie for the party.

2003-02-25 14:58:34 ET

pineapple pie? im sure it can be made

2003-02-25 15:00:05 ET

Pineapple is one of those fruits that isn't meant to be cooked.

I mean, c'mon, who wants to think about hot pineapple?

2003-02-25 15:02:46 ET

mmmm, hot pineapples

2003-02-25 15:05:46 ET

yeah what Az said - too bad I barely know any...

2003-02-25 15:08:48 ET

well the guys are all kinda butt

2003-02-25 15:12:01 ET

the girls too - usually all the makeup and costume is just to cover up fat nastiness -

2003-02-25 15:12:52 ET

::puts in one lone, single extension::

2003-02-25 15:15:59 ET

I actually know how to make a bad-ass pineapple pie- in general
pineapple does not respond well to heat, but this is sort of baked slowly
and caramelized... with merengue....

<chefkore storm> *blush

2003-02-25 15:19:00 ET

insomnia: that is so true...but if its done well on a hot girl, then it can be pretty tasty

bio: ph33r

storm: lets make some pie!

2003-02-25 15:34:01 ET

baker k0r3...i can cook just about everything! ;-P

2003-02-25 16:22:44 ET

excellent! furax and storm have pie duty!

2003-02-25 16:29:19 ET

Oh my....

2003-02-25 16:30:06 ET

i love eating pie! ;-P

2003-02-25 16:30:08 ET

on one condition: all pies are baked by semi-naked or naked cooks.

2003-02-25 16:30:30 ET


2003-02-25 16:31:49 ET

im sure nog juice will add that intangible flavor

2003-02-25 16:42:35 ET

lol... Naked Chef... isn't that a television show?

2003-02-25 16:44:02 ET

yes, it is actually.

2003-02-25 16:44:19 ET

I dunno but I bet ours would be 100% hotter. And I know for a fact Mister Fur can cook pancakes. . . pies aren't much harder, right?

March 14. Party. Insomniahouse. Be there.
</broken record from nye>

2003-02-25 16:46:28 ET

i can cook essentially anything you wanted...i'm good like that

and i was totally fuckin' wasted when i made those pancakes :-P

2003-02-25 16:46:56 ET

anything? ::holds her tongue::

2003-02-25 16:48:27 ET

you make it sound perverted Insomnia

2003-02-25 16:51:09 ET

me? perverted? say it isn't so!

2003-02-25 17:01:40 ET

fun with baked goods on march 14

2003-02-25 17:13:29 ET

pineapple cream wedding cake -

2003-02-25 19:20:57 ET

We smell like wedding cake too...


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