you chose the path that narrows, you chose the path that folds
2003-02-25 10:08:07 ET

made a couple of new symbiotic graphics...check them out in gallery #4 if you have the time and energy to spare. working like a dog today...but i guess its better than sitting around not doing anything. jarv started our cover of 'devil with the green eyes' i heard about 30 seconds of the programming...and i was blown away. the kid can program. hopefully another dance smash in the works. im not sure how far chris has gotten with the core remix but it cant be long now. i know him, he cant rest until something is done. so i found out NCC is playing this saturday...i have mixed feelings on this. while individual parts of their songs can be kick ass, they have no structure! its like listening to a first draft of a song with all the parts laid out in order. example...typical song goes ABCBACC, NCC songs go ABCDEFG. while back in the day, this kind of experimentation appealed to me personally, ive learned since that it is annoying for others to listen to it! it just plain sounds bad, IMHO. but anyways, i'll definately go and i'll probably check them out just for kicks. anyone else going?

2003-02-25 10:09:52 ET

i'll be there most likely...i checked the ouija board and it said ABCDEFG...

2003-02-25 10:10:46 ET

ooh i like the avatar!

2003-02-25 10:11:31 ET

hahahah, good deal...see ya there

2003-02-25 10:11:50 ET

thanks belmont!!!

2003-02-25 10:15:05 ET

I dunno yet, ask me later in the week -

Graphics kick ass.

2003-02-25 10:16:26 ET


and thanks!

2003-02-25 10:17:49 ET

thats SWEET what you did with the goggles!!! I think i had those a couple years back :)

2003-02-25 10:19:37 ET

thank you!

2003-02-25 10:28:33 ET

yea dude about 4 mins into the remix, its almost done, im finally able to finish it cause jarv gave me the drum sounds that he forgot to burn on sunday, should have a copy to you by next week ;)

2003-02-25 10:38:05 ET


2003-02-25 10:41:15 ET

I'd like to hear it!!

2003-02-25 11:23:39 ET

the original or the remix?

2003-02-25 11:25:44 ET


2003-02-25 11:33:39 ET

go to the 3rd link in my can hear the original there...the remix is still in the works

2003-02-25 11:42:25 ET

love the new art stuff and cant wait to hear the remix and the cover song (-:

2003-02-25 11:43:13 ET

I like the "droppin' bombs" pic.

And word on NCC. Some of their songs kick some ass (Eg. Weitek_trace comes to mind) but on the whole... it's just kind of structureless.

2003-02-25 11:44:27 ET

I believe those new graphics are promoting war and not love. Where's the love?

P.S. Experiments in trance music aren't pleasurable to me. Chances are I will not be at NCC. I think it's nice to hear something out of the ordinary from the ol' EBM/trance crowd.... but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. Plus they stole NCC record's name!

2003-02-25 11:46:11 ET

fuck love
<3 war <3

2003-02-25 11:47:21 ET

but you love war? (o_O)

2003-02-25 11:47:23 ET

turbo: yea, it'll be a little bit but i'll be bringing some milk around

slaad: thanks dude

bio: symbiotic is all about the love...and stop avoiding batcave!

2003-02-25 11:47:52 ET

love = war

2003-02-25 11:49:58 ET

Love .... love is a battlefield.

2003-02-25 11:52:41 ET

bio, do you cary a sword through the battlefield?

2003-02-25 11:53:24 ET

yea bio, stop being a pussy .. i love you an all but ill kick your monkey ass if you keep being a bitch. :)

2003-02-25 11:53:26 ET

lol, no i think thats d242

DC: w0rd

2003-02-25 12:01:21 ET

why do I FIGHT
why do I FEEL
something carry a sword through a BATTLEFIELD!

everyone loves VNV
nanana HIT
nananananana ::packs dancefloor::

2003-02-25 12:04:20 ET

your silly dude, too fucking silly! :)

2003-02-25 12:05:07 ET

are you secretely a member of VNV?

2003-02-25 12:06:51 ET

i dont think he is .. but i heard he will be doing a remix for them with his "fictional" project .. onntz!

2003-02-25 12:13:43 ET

I love a lot of things Furax, but I still say fuck them all. They bring me no happiness. War is fun.

2003-02-25 12:15:15 ET

DC: yea, ive known about bio and his 'secret' membership in fictional

2003-02-25 12:17:57 ET

ok, I'll see you in war Insomnia! :-P

you're a terribly silly girl

2003-02-25 12:24:18 ET

yes, we all know about bio's membership .. just as we all know about his club hits .. such as "blue lights" and "hangman"

2003-02-25 12:30:25 ET

This may come to a shock to all of you, but ...

Not only am I Ronan Harris, but, I, as well, am Gerrit Thomas.

2003-02-25 12:33:41 ET

Not true. Gerrit says fewer words and wears wifebeaters.

2003-02-25 12:36:09 ET

yea, gerrit doesnt date boys eaither, bio ..

2003-02-25 12:39:08 ET

You try and tell me that anyone who writes songs with lyrics such as Love has no date of expiration or I see Blue Lights in your eyes isn't a flag waving homosexual.

He's obviously a fruitcup.

2003-02-25 12:41:14 ET

he is a fruitcup.

and Bio has flowered and turned to hitting on girls -

2003-02-25 12:48:23 ET

Screw you. <3

2003-02-25 12:49:22 ET

I was being nice!!

2003-02-25 12:51:17 ET

I'm sorry. I'm not used to it so I don't know how to react!

... and I've always hit on girls! Cry.

2003-02-25 13:27:27 ET

no, usually you hit on pineapples. ;)

I'll be at the show on sat, I never miss a Clear Vision show. ;)

2003-02-25 13:29:24 ET

Pineapples with vaginas (to the best of my knowledge).

2003-02-25 13:33:59 ET

Well, i only checked the one, but I'll concede the point.

2003-02-25 13:36:14 ET

you kids are a nightmare...hehe

2003-02-25 13:39:30 ET


2003-02-25 13:49:18 ET

i love vagina.

2003-02-25 14:19:48 ET

furax: good to know, good to know...thanks for that totally random tidbit

2003-02-25 14:21:01 ET

Really Furax? I had NO idea!! ;-)

2003-02-25 14:46:53 ET

i love furax.

2003-02-25 14:52:49 ET

no dice dc. Furax likes GIRLS.

2003-02-25 14:55:27 ET

i love insomnia.

2003-02-25 14:56:01 ET

<3 my brother <3

2003-02-25 14:59:12 ET


2003-02-25 15:03:11 ET


2003-02-25 15:12:14 ET


2003-02-25 15:52:17 ET

azrael, those tracks of yours are poundingly epic :D

2003-02-25 16:23:29 ET

haha, thanks praveen, for your support

2003-02-25 19:19:41 ET

Better late then never...
I love all of you. Vagina or not...

2003-02-25 19:21:05 ET

hahahahah thats great.

2003-02-25 19:22:55 ET

i love it, storm! :-)


2003-02-25 19:41:27 ET


2003-02-25 23:31:46 ET


that's so pretty

BriskAttivo even made me a fan sign that said that!

2003-02-26 04:09:38 ET


2003-02-27 04:05:49 ET

i thought so to :-D

i own all his base
he ownz all my heart
</sappy romantic>

but then so do you, sexy boy azrael ;-)

...ok i should go to bed now...<nods>

2003-02-27 08:26:59 ET

sleep well!

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