like whispers in the dark
2003-03-26 08:42:07 ET

its good to be on solid foods again. i should buy stock in the company that makes advil. i still have tissues growing out of my ear. cant get rid of the blasted things. working day and night makes me cranky, i think. on a more positive note, installed jaguar. it rips!!!!!

working for hydra is like trying to kill one. you chop off one head and two grow to take its place. a lot more to do. i plan to buy xenosaga for PS2. the reviews are good...and i like really long tedious space operas. [ie. macross]

i am going out this weekend...i dont care if i have a tissue growing out of my ear. its been WAY too long. and chris if you read better have the core remix burned for me bitch!

btw: made a new eye kandy 5

2003-03-26 09:28:13 ET

I hear Xenosaga is pretty good too. I like the logo too, nice work!

2003-03-26 09:29:35 ET

eyyyeeee kkkaaannndddyyY!!!


glad to hear you're getting better!

2003-03-26 10:52:44 ET

im reading! hah, ill have the mixxx by the weekend, cant wait to party!

2003-03-26 11:20:16 ET

negated: i'll have to check it out

blu: there are new songs on the mp3 site. go get em!

DC: i gotta hit it big time! and i cant wait to hear the remix

2003-03-26 11:41:28 ET

w00t and all of that

xenosaga does look pretty nifty

i want the new zelda game that everybody is also raving about, but money

2003-03-26 11:51:14 ET

Xenosaga's supposed to be pretty good. Decently long too, 'bout 40 - 50 hours. Not sure if that includes cutscenes ;)

Does this mean there'll be new Symbiotic material up soon?

2003-03-26 12:36:07 ET

I <3 loooong lasting RPG games!

2003-03-26 12:51:26 ET

turbo: yea i am suffering from the no money problem also

slaad: i hear that there are massively long cutscenes. none in cgi, just in-game graphics engine...i'll probably pick it up tomorrow and check it out. as for symbiotic...i'll keep you posted. i'll probably get the LC remix of core this weekend which i'll post

mizz: yea, me too. rpg's have always been my favorite

2003-03-26 12:56:40 ET

I loved Xenogears. and I donb't usually play games all the way through. but I made an exception for giant robots and a convoluted story. hopefully Xenosaga is even better.

2003-03-26 13:03:13 ET

yay for this weekend with sexy az!

2003-03-26 13:20:05 ET

I resonante similar sympathies with Insomnia.

And I almost picked up an Eye Kandy CD today.
(Haha, I'm just kidding... I'd never pay for it!)

2003-03-26 13:45:08 ET

cavefish: i liked xenogears also...but i never finished it

insomnia: i am determined to go out

bio: i didn't know any still existed. go get it...

2003-03-26 14:00:37 ET

Give me $5 I'll get the CD just so I have the adorable pics of Chris, kaliss, Tom and Jarv in fucking high school or something - heh.

2003-03-26 17:06:17 ET

man, you have to get better... fo realz

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