2003-04-12 15:13:21 ET

listening to the new symbiotic track which jarv wrote. working title is 'superimposinglife' it has a lush trip hop kinda feel ala massive attack. its really awesome. and grows on you fast. we need to find a female vocalist to do the vocals. getting ready for batcave tonight. not interested in seeing interface tonight so i'll probably show up around midnight.

btw, the link where you can download 'superimposinglife'

2003-04-12 15:22:20 ET

nice track... it's all relaxing :-)

2003-04-12 16:09:14 ET

yes...very relaxing

2003-04-12 16:37:37 ET

yes, nice track. No, I'm not being an asshole. I want to hear the final product, as far as vocals go I think it would be nice for them to be done in whisper.

2003-04-12 16:53:52 ET

thanks! i'll leave the vocal style to whoever sings it..but yea, that would sound pretty good

2003-04-12 17:01:53 ET

I'll keep an eye out for your post involving the final product.

2003-04-12 20:30:42 ET

<----- dark diva for hire! btw - the piece is gorgeous!

2003-04-13 00:33:08 ET


i will download it shortly :-D

2003-04-13 00:38:08 ET

winterfae: thanks..i think we found our gal

turbo: so what did you think???

2003-04-13 00:39:06 ET

hehe...still downloading ;-)

ill let you know as soon as i listen to it though...may not be till i wake up again...hafta see how long it takes...but im definately excited!

2003-04-13 00:43:27 ET are too much

2003-04-13 08:33:40 ET

But, the Interface show was the best ever!@

2003-04-13 11:02:47 ET


2003-04-13 16:54:58 ET

finally heard it...very very nice (-:

reminds me of some of metroid prime's moozik...i dig it (was there any doubt i would?)

2003-04-13 17:40:18 ET

thanks turbo

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