stick em up
2003-05-14 11:01:12 ET

matrix reloaded. tonight.

why does the new pre-amp in itunes 4 suck so bad?

got the setlist together for the symbiotic show. special guest appearance: DC from LC

finished designing the EP insert

i downloaded 'cry me a river' what is the world coming to?

2003-05-14 11:02:17 ET

by who???

2003-05-14 11:16:37 ET

LC/DC ...sounds like retro '80 hair metal :-P

2003-05-14 12:16:10 ET

hah, yea it does!

yea, but matix is gonna kick some serious ass tonite bro, im souped!

lc/symbiotic - c0re! beeatch.

2003-05-14 12:20:23 ET

oddstar: im ashamed to say justin timberlake

furax: haha, good one bro

DC: you better rock out be-atch

2003-05-14 12:24:55 ET

isnt that the backstreet boy who quit and dated jessica simpson?

2003-05-14 12:26:02 ET

thats almost

2003-05-14 12:26:57 ET

i think i'v e lost track with the boyband scene.

2003-05-14 12:31:20 ET


2003-05-14 12:33:22 ET


2003-05-14 12:33:57 ET

oddstar: and thats a good thing!

storm: nice!

2003-05-14 12:34:28 ET

oh well i guess i'll just keep on not paying attention

2003-05-14 12:36:58 ET

Note the goggles. (re: Gus)
and the gueststar with the funker orange headband (dc)

2003-05-14 12:45:50 ET

yea .. thats totally gonna be me an gus on the 31st, hah!

"this song aint about no armbang .. bang .. ang .., an this song is definatly not about no legbang .. bang .. ang.., this sooongg .. is called FINGERBANG!"

2003-05-14 12:52:59 ET

i guess that would be jarv and koala chillin in the back

DC: nice!

2003-05-14 12:57:44 ET

LEG BANG ---rotfl...
Gus, which is which is abundantly clear....

2003-05-14 13:14:42 ET

i got legbanged once

2003-05-14 14:39:09 ET

hehehehe.... Justin Timberlake!!!!!! What have YOU come to you should say!!! lol

2003-05-14 14:46:04 ET

That dc kid sure does have his hand in everything.

2003-05-14 14:58:50 ET

Azrael: Hardy har-har...

2003-05-14 15:29:55 ET

You lucky bastard! I have wait until tomorrow to see Reloaded. I'm jelous!

2003-05-14 15:33:36 ET

i know i know

insomnia: in everyone's destiny

true. all true

2003-05-14 16:39:34 ET

dc get your hands out of my destiny.

i call incest.

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