2005-04-03 15:53:41 ET

I haven't showered or gotten dressed today, and it's about 7pm.

And you know...I don't really mind being lazy.

2005-04-03 15:56:28 ET

do you mind about stinking like trash?

2005-04-03 16:03:42 ET

welcome welcome welcome.

2005-04-03 16:10:48 ET

i haven't showered or dressed yet today either, and it's after 9 pm here :)


2005-04-03 16:11:48 ET

this is the life, isn't it?
Thank you!

2005-04-03 16:22:08 ET

Welcome to Subkultures.


2005-04-03 17:00:36 ET

Hey girlie, Welcome to SK!!! ^___^

2005-04-03 17:05:06 ET

aw I feel so welcome!
thank you thank you thank you!

2005-04-03 21:39:44 ET

Welcome to the asylum, please don't feed the inmates.

2005-04-03 22:33:20 ET

sounds like me... cept is is now 1:33 am.. heh

2005-04-04 14:26:42 ET

LOL, the days when you don't have to do shite are the best ones :) Welcome to SK!

2005-04-11 09:20:28 ET


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