2006-11-06 09:27:34 ET

Claire and Will came to town this weekend. Boy, they were fun, but they totally wore me out! Am I getting old?

it's pouring today (hooray seattle!). i called in sick to work, and man, what a good day to stay indoors. Amanda made fun of me for buying an umbrella because a "true seattlite" would just brave the weather. fuck that. at least i'm not complaining about how frizzy my hair is, and how cold i am, like she does so loudly and annoyingly.

I'm only 1,000 words into my novel, and november is already 1/4 over. i'm not going to make it to 50k, but i'm not going to stop writing. i just need to sit down and figure out a plot.

is anyone else taking part in NanoWrimo? if not, what are your november goals?

2006-11-06 09:44:08 ET

I have no idea what NamoWrimo is, but I believe I've found the name of my first born.

2006-11-06 10:06:15 ET

Rain is awesome. I'm soaked. I love it!

I considered writing a novel once. I didn't get very far. Maybe I should try again. In fact, by the end of next year (a month doesn't give me enough time to procrastinate) I will have something written and completed.

2006-11-06 16:13:18 ET

panda: NanoWrimo stands for National November Writing Month...but it also makes for a great baby name!

nick: good! let's both make it a goal, and then we can read each others!

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