2006-11-12 10:12:25 ET

i went to Jason Webley last night (after many complications) and the Paradox was absolutely packed.

i got there just when Jherek, Jason's bassist, was starting his solo set. and for some reason i really enjoyed him (plus, he's super cute and his hair goes swoosh) so i later bought his CD.

then, the fishtank ensemble played, and they were great. i danced and smiled a lot. i might even go see them again tonight. they all seemed to be having so much fun, which made them even more fun to watch.

then, jason webley. every show i've been to he does something a little different, a little crazier. he read us a story, and we lit candles and made wishes at 11:11. we danced and sang and made fools of ourselves. he brought jay thompson (!) onstage to sing. it was all so magical and heart-warming.

anyway, see Jason if you get a chance. unless you don't like fun. in which case, well, stay home, and don't be friends with me.

2006-11-12 11:49:57 ET

2006-11-12 14:32:41 ET

ah! awesome!

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