the man
2007-01-03 06:13:09 ET

yeah, not going to school this quarter. so...fuck.

2007-01-03 07:35:55 ET

i start classes on the 16th of this month......i'm doing the online thing until i figure out where i'll be this time next fall. i got mold in my lung at school in the fall this year....i was living in the honor dorms and the mold almost killed me so i have to do online classes......what are you studying?

2007-01-04 12:26:09 ET

What? Why?!

2007-01-07 15:25:20 ET

treason: just classes...english and stuff. i guess eventually i'll do something with writing.

nick: $$$

2007-01-07 15:30:03 ET

my dream is to be a great american writer

2007-01-07 18:52:28 ET

mine is just to write and get away with it.

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