Master Cleanser
2007-02-19 14:10:10 ET

today is DAY ONE of my Master Cleanser detox (read: Lemonade diet).
it might get pretty tough soon. but i'm excited. is that weird? to be excited about not eating for 10 days? yeah, especially for me.

in other news, president's day is a stupid holiday. but i did get to go home from work 3 hours early because it was so slow. that was nice. i came home and jeff was happy to see me and we started watching Fanny and Alexander but gave up to watch Big Daddy. yup, high brows, the two of us.

anyway, now my cousin zach is here and that's weird. he has this weird old guy named Angel with him, who is weird. you know, a hippie. whatever, they're harmless, it's just sort of awkward having them around.

ashley was here this weekend. that was awesome. she spent too much time with liam though, if you ask me. maybe i'm just jealous. relationships are stupid and i hate them.

2007-02-19 14:52:00 ET

Fanny and Alexander is amazing. It's probably one of my favorite movies.

2007-03-01 19:46:06 ET

my coworkers did that...
you should be ready for a colonoscopy in about.... 4 days

2007-03-03 09:17:23 ET

oh yeah. it was LOTS of fun :)

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