movies i've seen recently
2007-03-01 11:15:08 ET

Bridge to Terabithia - totally adorable and tragic. i find i'm more impressed with children's movies because i don't expect as much.

Notes on a Scandal - great British suspense drama. judi dench is a hero. the score was a little heavy most of the way through, but i really liked it anyway.

Our Daily Bread - saw this at the northwest film forum. an unbiased (read: no narration or interviews) documentary about the food industry in europe. i think i'm leaning toward vegetarianism now.

The Lives of Others - German film about being under surveillance during Socialism. totally tense and intricate. won an oscar for best foreign film, if that's your bag.

also, this is by no means new, but i watched Cast Away last night. i think i seriously underestimated the greatness of that movie.

2007-03-01 13:49:05 ET

Awesome. I want to see The Lives of Others.

Also, I'm apparently going to the Opera on Sunday. WTF? I'm all cultured and shit.

2007-03-01 17:55:00 ET

Also, this is why I love the Internet.

2007-03-03 09:16:18 ET

1. the opera?! which one?! with who?! WHO ARE YOU?!
2. that site is freaking awesome.

2007-03-03 13:20:48 ET

1. Julius Caesar with some guy in my speech class. My teacher gave me a free ticket.
2. Yes. Fahrenheit 451. Alphaville. The Seventh Seal. Ikiru. The Day The Earth Stood Still. :O

2007-03-03 16:31:05 ET

K, maybe not Fahrenheit 451. The book is amazing. The director is amazing. The movie is hilariously bad.

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