wasted and ready
2007-03-27 10:37:35 ET

i should have made a lot of mistakes in the past week. all the signs pointed to yes. but, much to my dismay, nothing happened. and everything is the same. the same and boring.

anyway, school starts in a week. funny how i'm just starting as most others are near finishing. it seems i'm behind in most things in life. i'm 20 now, and yet i still feel like the most immature person i know. even though i'm doing all the "grown up" things, like living on my own, and working full-time and sharing recipes.

also, denton (whose new nickname is dents) just told me that my bag sucks. whatever. it doesn't suck, he sucks. stupid dents.

2007-03-27 22:51:24 ET

Your bag is awesome.
Maturity is overrated.
Nothing ever really changes as much as we want it to.

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