rain rain
2007-09-30 20:51:21 ET

i'm the best i've been in a long time.
in school i'm taking philosophy and french. french is really hard, i'm going to have to actually work at it.
it's starting to rain again.
Patrick is going to school here and it's great to have him around.
spending nights with Red is something new and exciting.
things at home are tense but what else is new. too many personalities jammed under one roof. oh well, it'll all work out soon, hopefully.
i decided that when i am 25 i'm going to buy a car and drive across the country. really looking forward to that.

the weekends never feel long enough...

2007-09-30 21:18:57 ET


I've been wanting to do that too, drive across the country. I've been sort of planning on it, though I never really set a time or anything. It would be awesome.

Sorry for taking up your room and stuff too. I'll be out of here soon...

2007-10-01 22:32:14 ET

oh hey no worries. you're not a burden at all. the personalities i speak of are everyone.

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