love vs obligation
2008-04-30 13:53:42 ET

a new apartment is in the works. a change of pace and scenery.

france was amazing. i wish i could go back. and someday soon i will.

jackie is getting married in two months and i will be a bridesmaid, complete with a hideous dress. this is the most grown-up thing i've ever done.

jeff and i haven't spoken in over a week. this may be the end of us. it hurts all over. i think i've never had a broken heart until now. have you ever swallowed food that was too hot and you can feel it in your throat and chest and just sinking sinking and you think it will never stop burning...that's how this feels.

i'm volunteering for SIFF this year, hopefully doing tech stuff. very exciting. also, i got a membership to the NW film forum, which means $2.50 Mondays. i like movies, it seems.

i'm gonna start kayaking, i think.

2008-05-01 08:27:52 ET

Awesome with volunteering for SIFF and stuff. That'll be cool.
I'm excited!

I ran into Jeff on the street a few weeks ago.
What happened with you and him? Why would it be the end? "Over a week" isn't that long. I hope you make up or something. And blow on your food before swallowing.

Where are you thinking for a new apartment?

2008-05-05 11:24:57 ET

the thing with jeff is stupid really. you know sara/jude right? the worst human on the face of the earth? yeah...well, she came to town recently. she is a sensitive subject between jeff and i to begin with, since i hate her and i hate that he associates with her...but on top of that he went to portland with her when we had made plans to go. it's just another thing on top of a lot of things he's done recently that hurt me pretty because of that i've decided to just keep my distance for a while. i sort of want him to show me that he appreciates me and my friendship. and so far he hasn't. and that hurts all over. but maybe it's for the best.

i think we've got a new apartment...should be signing the lease this week. it's on broadway, right next to american's pretty rad. don't worry, i'll have a housewarming party for sure!

2008-05-05 13:43:11 ET

Awesome about the apartment. Your old one was pretty great though; why a new place?
You still haven't seen mine.

Lame about Jeff being lame. But you shouldn't let silly drama like that ruin your friendship. Sara seems to bring that wherever she goes. I doubt it's the end.

2008-05-05 14:11:04 ET

2008-05-05 20:58:08 ET

i love this comic. you wouldn't believe how often i said this while in paris. cause it's absolutely true.

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