2010-06-20 14:57:44 ET

I don't even feel like eating... a hunger strike won't fix this though. :(

When I left in tears his mom even tried to comfort me. Telling me how when Greg wants something he works for it & that I deserve the effort he'll put in to it...

2010-06-20 11:45:55 ET

Greg left for Alabama today to stay with his brother while he finds a job and gets us a place...

We'll see how that goes.

He's been blowing up my phone since he left asking if I'm really going to still be around when he finds something...

2010-06-16 18:14:38 ET

Who doesn't make important & potentially non-reversible life decisions with a coin toss?

On another note - I think I want to split my tongue. I toyed with the idea when I was a teenager and 954 reminded me of the idea... hmmm...

2010-06-16 14:50:31 ET

954 gave me a cupcake.

I ate it and I feel like such a fatass I just want to throw up.


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