2010-06-03 18:10:18 ET

He's been all sad panda this week realizing everything he didn't do right in the course of their relationship.

I finally got the complete story from both parties - so at least I'm not a home wrecker. They split up in January, then tried to work at it again in February, split up again and so forth. She came over and caused a fuss, I actually felt bad for him as she stood in the door insulting him in front of me - she stood there sexually degrading him, telling him how worthless he is, etc. I also felt bad for her because while she was being a total bitch I saw she was hurting too.

Those who know me know I would've been just as quick to defend her if he started pushing lines of civility. But he didn't. All he said over the course of the tirade was, "Do we really have to fight?"

I've talked to him about it a few times, if his sorrow is regret I will leave him with good wishes to mend their relationship but he assures me his sorrow is mourning - he has accepted it doesn't work and is genuinely happy with me yet needs to mourn the death of that relationship.

Guys, chime in here - does this sound rational?

2010-06-01 03:53:32 ET

So, overall I think I had a pretty good weekend. Spent the night with him on Saturday and Sunday nights.

On Sunday he dragged me out to Lakeland to meet the folks. I think that went pretty well - until his bike broke down. We didn't get back to this area until 11:30pm. I went home shortly after that until he texted me at 12:15ish asking me to come back. I guess the ex-wife was getting on him pretty bad.

On Monday we just chilled all day, he made Thai Yellow Curry for dinner & worked on my car a bit. Then, I spent the night and drove him to work this morning because the bike is still down. :( Meh, oh well - at least I got to be held all night. =D

2010-05-29 21:09:03 ET

That boy is magical. That is all. Goodnight.

2010-05-28 16:52:28 ET

Bad day. That is all.

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