2010-05-21 08:55:10 ET

I'm going back to Sea Monster hair tomorrow. Getting sushi tonight. And now I'm going to go put some gas in the bike - it still runs so yeah, it's getting ridden.
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2010-05-19 11:30:48 ET

The battle with the insurance adjuster isn't over yet.

They sent someone out who knew NOTHING about motorcycles. He thought the stat cover was the clutch case cover and didn't know which side was the front brake vs. clutch. Needless to say, I really don't trust his opinion that the damage to the frame is "cosmetic".

2010-05-18 17:45:16 ET

The insurance adjuster is coming out at 6:30 in the fucking morning.

2010-05-17 20:53:19 ET

I'm happy for 954 because he found a job which he starts Wednesday. Tomorrow he's driving me to Physical Therapy. Oh joy.

Countdown until moving, like seriously. He's not set on Seattle so anyone else have suggestions? Criteria is it needs to be coastal & colder than FL.
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