2010-03-25 18:08:44 ET

I want to be a circus performer.

I've always wanted to be part of a traveling show, new places, new faces, constant change.

2010-03-24 20:28:00 ET

I went to the local Bike Night at QSL. I'm really not a fan of large crowds but I had fun.
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2010-03-23 20:48:56 ET

Who wants to trade for a day?
I'll be you and you can be me.

No takers?
Yeah, I don't blame you...

2010-03-23 14:55:14 ET

I'd like to think at this point in my life I'd be pretty good at taking hints. I'm not. Subtlety is lost on me.

As much as so many people hate Amy Winehouse, I really like her song "love is a losing game".

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